OK so does Chain Reaction reflect Torgue bullets?

Like bullet not those 4-round rockets?

Coz guys here say they do but honestly from what I can see they do not

  • Chain Reaction has no additional effect against single targets, but against clusters of foes, and with the right weapons, the result can be an impressive increase in overall DPS.

  • Weapons that deal splash damage (like some Torgue or Maliwan weapons) also affect both targets, making it possible to deal damage to enemies within close proximity to each other with both the initial shot and the ricochet.

Taken from the wiki. Chain Reaction does nothing to single targets, it’s meant to be used on groups of enemies.


Confirmed : it does.

If it wasn’t obvious, the horizantal streaks are new bullets created by CR and you can see it hit a goliath in the second shot. That’s a Harold of course.


K thanks for that

Sometimes just get worried ya know


Can you imagine how broken it would be if you could have more than one Cloud Kill instance active at a time? Combined with Chain Reaction, that would be completely insane!


Yes, that would be crazy indeed. Everything would melt :smiley:

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