Ok... so what is this Power Level idea I'm seeing?

I’ve played BL since the very beginning, but I’m just now seeing this Power Leveling.
What is it? How does it work? When can I do it?

In BL2, I have a saved lvl 50 Axton and a higher lvl Gaige (from PS3 version).
But I’m currently doing the campaign with Axton (lvl 26).

Usually, it involves a high level character letting a low level character tag along to gain fast xp. Unless they have made it easier since being on last gen consoles, you’ll need to have the higher level character on a second profile/account. Coming from the 360, this was very simple. I haven’t tried it on PS4 yet, because I only have the one controller.

I would usually have an ammo regen Sal mule on split screen getting free xp while I got free ammo farming Bunker or something.

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The potential downsides are:
(1) if the lower level didn’t complete main story both play-throughs and wants to host their own UVHM game, they still have to do all the missions - but as highly over-levelled characters.
(2) If you don’t have gear from a higher level character, you’ll be running around badly under-equipped for a bit.

Go to the beatdown, hit up Pete’s bar and accept the side mission for Bar room. Rinse and repeat till youre 72 :smile: