Ok, some more QoL changes that could be added (renewed for M 2.0)

Reworked topic (removed some stuff and added M 2.0 stuff)

  • remove the cosmetics from the lootpool (or give them their own color so they stand out) something that i think everybody who played this game more then a week will agree on that it’s anoying to see these things drop every 3 seconds.
    (my suggestion is to put ALL these into earl’s shop)
    haven’t found that many dups as of M 2.0 but still. would be better to make them a non random drop

  • purple/bue quest/special/event items… give them a new color as atm they are getting lost in the sea of normal (useless) purple items… i don’t even want to know how many good items i’ve trown away because they weren’t “orange”

  • add crew chalange (and the like) weapons/items to the lootpool or make the chalange repeatable. (or give us a way to rework these items to the new lvl cap -> without losing the anointment) or make these scale to the mayhem level you’re on (unique to these weapons)

  • add option to what goes into the lost loot (what rarity, what kind of items/weapons)

  • toggle quest marker (atm it just locks on to a random quest or main quest when available) would be nice to remove the quest log from the screen when just playing around

  • reset DLC quests instead of resetting the whole game

  • remove wandering NPC’s from the rear deck on sanctuary (or fix collisions with these buggers)

  • Better sorting in vault/inventory (sorting by name is pretty useless due to prefixes + add more options) some suggestions further down

  • add more fast travel points and/or vendors on large/long maps (will let the community decide where these could be added)

  • add a reset button (make the mayhem 2.0 button work without rerolling)

  • ingame skill tree builder, let us play around with skill points in the new-u station where you buy the whole build instead of getting forced to do it all over again when you made a mistake (not caring about the cost, it’s just anoying when you want to change your build and don’t want to have 30 mules for it)

  • Build swap (change skills and items instantly) the weapon wall in sanctuary could work as a build save slot :slight_smile: Slap all the weapons for that build on the wall, and with a push of a button you save your current build to the wall. And when you want to play an other build on that character you just push the button again and load in the other build, weapons and all. (cost of respec)

  • Chose mayhem modifiers instead of rerolling them (will save people a lot of time)

  • Rework item score to Mayhem score (item score doesn’t do much anyway) as of now it’s pretty impossible to know what mayhem level your gun is for/dropped in.

  • things you mark as favorite should stay marked even if put them into / take them out of your safe

  • option to scrap vendortrash from inventory

  • Disable loot beams (visual clutter)

  • Add modification to the target dummy in the shooting range (add shield/armor/healthbar)

other “not so QoL” suggestions

  • new slaughtershafts for hyperion and Xylourgos enemies/monsters

  • make old events a type of slaughtershaft or have them available non stop (cartel event is realy popular)

  • (more) chubby enemies :smiley: (i think i actualy fought 1 in all my time playing BL3)

Graphics improvements/QoL changes

  • rework rocketlauncher enemies (visual clutter/screenshake can be overwelming can cause nausea/headaches/etc. for some people)

  • anointed orb ring/floating orb make them FAR less flashy (it’s like looking into a nuclear explosion) i’m sure somebody at the art department worked hard on this… but damn, people can get spontaneous epilepsy :sweat_smile: :nauseated_face:

  • ability to disable screenshaking (see previous points)

if anybody has any more ideas just post them and just ask to add it to the list :heart:


I would like all of these, honestly. Good suggestions.


my suggestion make cosmetics auto pickup and auto unlock, just use a splash screen like when unlocking vehicle parts and done

oh and make the red dots of enemies on the minimap appear OVER questmarkers and pet


Maybe give them just a little marker on the map. Could be like a red of silver star to fit in with the golden one for legendaries.

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at the verry least i just want them to stand out :wink:

Some really good ideas guys. I’d add:

  1. Fl4k’s pets. The main reason I was excited after the character trailer back in August was powering up the pets so it would feel like playing with Deathtrap again. Sadly, even with the heaviest investment, pets can hardly kill in higher difficulties. There are also issues with their intelligence and a great many other things covered throughout this forum. With the right fixes, however, it would be like creating an entirely new character.

  2. Amara’s action skill element. Please make it possible for Amara to change her action skill element during combat. This would be a significant buff for melee playstyles and such a quality of life improvement over having to switch in and out of menus, let alone doing that in co-op.

  3. Circles of Slaughter. These are one of my favourite aspects of the game and they add so much to endgame. I am surprised and saddened there have not been ones with each of the DLCs so far. The circles must be less work than creating a brand new Takedown, right? Right creation of these would also help with point 5 on this list.

  4. Grenades. A lot of people trash Moze though I personally like her. I do, however, recognise many of her builds only work effectively with a small selection of grenades from the overall pool and many of them, even the legendary ones, feel weak. Gearbox, you must have worked hard creating all these grenades - please place them back in our hands via a buff.

  5. One-time legendaries. I was thrilled when I received a lv.50 splash-anointed Scoville back in December. That’s basically a God roll, right? How often does that come around for your average player? Now it’s 7 levels behind and, since I completed the DLC with all characters, can never be replaced. That weapon effectively ceases to exist for me. Then add to that the Ember’s Purge, Bekah, any quest reward legendary and, to a lesser extent, the Ghast Call and Wedding Invitation. Ny proposed solution would be to create new circles of slaughter where the DLC-related items could be unlocked - Ember’s Purge and Scoville in the Handsome Jackpot one and Bloody Harvest loot/Wedding Invitation in the Tentacles one. This would retain their rare nature whilst creating something players like I love. Everybody wins!

  6. Dedicated drops. I love that most legendaries now have a dedicated drop spot - well done and thank you. However, we are now in a situation where some enemies drop a great selection of legendaries while as many as 50 named enemies have no dedicated drop. This makes some of the legendaries harder to farm than they need to be with some named enemies effectively forgotten in endgame. How cool would it be if Dumptruck could drop anointed Butt Plugs? Not legendary, I know, but still. Spreading out the loot pool will vastly improve the loot cycle.

  7. Anointments. A great addition to the game that could be improved with a few tweaks.
    a) Roll all sliding/airborne anointments into one single anointment - “Improve all gun stats when sliding or airborne.”
    b) The main, let’s say, frustration of anointments is getting the right item to drop with the right anointment especially when the level cap keeps changing. I would love there to be a machine on Sanctuary which we can feed a legendary, pay some eridium and receive it back with the anointment of our choice. For farming to work there needs to be a decent trade-off between work and reward. This would restore the sense of reward.


thats the reason, im not playing her :x

Just please make all your weapons farmable. I hate the fact that you have weapons locked behind crew challenges. Add those weapons, such as the Scoville and embers purge, to a loot pool or allow us to reset those challenges. That way we have some ability to farm those. Like EVERY OTHER GUN IN THE GAME. And we can get new ones when you change the level cap and make changes to mayhem mode and the such


Also, GB mentioned a while back about reimagining how mozes iron bear will work, any update on that at all or was that just dropped?

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Make it possible to sell items from the item bank. Would save a lot of walking around.


Grenades for real though. Some grenades have some utility and can be fun, but ultimately on m4 just tickle enemies. If grenades got a buff, then i feel like Moze would receive the best buff yet.


Dialogue skip! The most needed feature of all time.


we allready got a great chunk of that :rofl: so they’ll might go all the way hahaha

Some good suggestions here.

Mine would be;

  • Ability to pick up loot as trash/junk

This way selling things would be much easier.


Really did they? <3

Dont do that, dont give me hope…

Ability to filter drops by rarity and manufacturer, as in they don’t even show up at all to clutter the floor if they don’t meet the criteria.


I’d say there has been some buffs. Iron Bear can hold his own on M4 at least for me.

An item filter, where only loot of X or higher shows up with the rarity beam.

Loot as Junk, loot an item and instantly mark it as junk

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I’d love an ability to email loot to my other characters on the same profile. Cuts down on trips to Sanctuary/bank etc. - load times on Xbox are kind of irritating.

Basically ability to send email to yourself.