Ok, some more QoL changes that could be added (renewed for M 2.0)

Instead of “loot as junk” option they could cut out junk entirely and just use what the presequel improved upon with the “Sell all non-favorites” option. That way there’s only one icon in the menus on items instead of two, and u can go up to the shop and sell everything u picked up instantly. If u sell something u didn’t mean to that’s on you for not paying attention. Also a controller only has so many buttons so adding a “loot as junk” would just congest this further.

Completely agree with the bekah, scoville, and embers purge comments and am really glad the crew challenges with dlc2 were cosmetics for your profile and not once per character weapons. I would suggest adding those weapons to loot pools and making every boss respawnable so it’s more spread out and mission rewards could also be added to the loot pools and farmed.


yeah, never used the “trash” icon ever hahaha
that was a waste of time coding that into the game hahaha

i also hope they give special purple rarity their own color… just found out i sold 2 quest guns (again) hahahaha good thing i have the ones from my first playthrough…

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There are a few things that I feel NEED to be changed, especially with mayhem mode 2.0 coming out.

  1. Remove mail-only weapons. Weapons such as the bekah, scoville, and embers purge are weapons that can not be farmed. They can only be received once per character and then can never be gotten again on that character. Farming for the right weapons is an enormous aspect of this game and this over site needs to be addressed quickly. It is very frustrating to not have the ability to farm my favorite weapon in the game and watch it become obsolete as you change and update the game.
  2. Increase all drop chances. Currently (without mayhem 2.0) the drop chances for weapons is simply not high enough. It needs to be doubled at minimum. With mayhem mode 2.0 the right parts and anoints on weapons are going to become even more important than they already are. It is very frustrating to go so long without seeing any legionaries let alone the version of the weapon that suits the needs of the build. I know this is bad luck, but I have gone 7 or 8 runs on mayhem 3 without seeing a single legendary. That is a problem, most people don’t have all the time in the world to put into farming for the right gear, increasing drop rates is a MUST
  3. Personally I think heads, skins, trinkets, and room decorations should have a unique color so that they stand out more, at the current moment they can be very easily missed.
  4. Remove the rare spawns from the new DLC… Gearbox… I thought we were over this, the community hates rare spawns. They are awful and should go away forever.
  5. Remove world drops from the new DLC… Again gearbox… I thought we were done with this. Come on.
    That’s all I can think of for now. I do have other suggestions, but I feel like these are the most necessary changes that need to happen, especially going into mayhem 2.0.

i think they should especially increase dedicated drops
i can understand that some new players ifnd it ridiculous to start playing and swim in legs after a few minutes, while we are farming our a#es off to get what we want
i think that when you want to farm a specific piece of gear, you should be able to get to that boss and really have a high droprate there
while when you are just playing the story or making challenge runs for fun, it shouldnt be raining legs like crazy

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I was thinking the best way to do that is increase the drop chances once the story is complete.

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The best way is definitely to increase and adjust dedicated drops
I don’t want 50 kratakoas when I try to farm a deathless

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  1. For the drop rate: When the player creates a new character, the simple mode and standard mode selection can change the drop rate in the game. (Almost all players choose the standard mode, so the simple mode is currently useless)
    For players who are new to BL or who are tired of repeatedly killing bosses, you can choose the simple mode. In the simple mode, the world drop rate is greatly increased. For players who have played Borderlands 2 or other series, the standard mode can restore the drop environment and experience of BL2. Most guns are dropped exclusively. Only some special monsters can drop various weapons, such as Treasure Dink, Robot Dwarf, etc. In this way, the new players are taken care of, and the needs of the old players are also met.

  2. For the difficulty of the game (personal opinion): I want to invincible bosses with invincible mechanics, rather than simply adding shapeshift time (the sign showing immunity to all damage is uncomfortable, at least it gives me a feeling of interruption. Some bosses take too long to transform, such as The rampager). For example, Kiravolt’s invincible transition is very good (he becomes a current and the player needs to clear the mobs), making people feel that kind of inaction.
    BL2 ’s invincible boss mechanism is what I admire the most. It is not a staged one, but it was placed there from the beginning. Gee ’s invincible shield, big sandworm will drill into the ground, and Hayboris ’s four guards provide the invincible shield. Wizard provide shields for hunting. If the wizard dies, the hunter will enter a state of rage. Or the fake invincibility caused by the four dragons flying in the sky (because you can hardly hit them).
    Bosses of a certain degree of difficulty can stimulate the challenge mentality of players, and also allow players to find friends to play in groups. For a single boss (no mobs), if a player is attacked and unfortunately enters a struggling state, other players can take advantage of the interval between boss attacks to rescue friends increased interaction.
    Also, I hope GB does not make all invincible bosses into takedown form. I don’t like to kill a lot of mobs before fighting boss. In my opinion, I should pay the admission fee, then directly challenge the boss. If I die, I can have a rebirth in a minute, then challenge again.
    3.For the useless state of purple coins in the later period: I think GB can open firearms to rebuild . You can add a new NPC or add functions directly to the existing NPC. You can spend more purple coins to drop the weapon again. Or modify firearm accessories, of course,limit the number of times you can modify.

  3. To reduce the good game factors in BL2: Raising monster, some monsters can be raised to be invincible state (ultra thick HP) on multiplayer difficulty, and exclusive drops are added better.
    Rare monsters, similar to the chubby monster that was added in the late BL2, have a lower probability of occurrence, only it will drop certain legendary modules or artifacts.

There are actually Chubby skags and rakks in BL3. Just ran into one of the former earlier today, in fact.

I may not notice. However, the chubby monsters are currently not exclusively dropped, which makes them non-existent.

For zane it would be nice to have an icon/make on your mini map to show where your barrier and clone/drone ( havent used the drone so not sure if it does or not but wouldnt say it does) are and which way they are pointing. They have it for fl4ks pet so should be able to do it for zanes action skills.

Again for Zane, please, please change the barrier skill to auto equip to him on deployment and let us then drop it if we want. For me it just ruins the flow of his game play and slows it’s down because of how long the animations are. And the amount of times I have left the barrier behind because I thought I add picked it up

For fl4k, fix fade away so enemies dont track you ( that is the whole point of it ) but I still get sniper lazers following me, the lil scraptraps can constantly track me in the moxi dlc, the electric ghosts that one of the enemies spawn in dlc 2 constantly track me. In the takedown the dogs seem to always know where I am especially those emp mutts, in the wotan fight the balls the fire aload of rocks at you are extremely good at tracking me in fade away to. Some better anointments for fade away would be nice to.
Accuracy and handling are pointless and have no real effect, that I can see anyway.

For the pet let us send him to a location or attack an enemy ( normal attack ) with the location marker( up on the d pad, not sure what it is on pc ) so atleast then we might be able to get him to survive a couple of seconds longer( cant wait to see what the pet it’s like in M2.0 level 10 :see_no_evil:) and so we can also check our drops with out monkey flashing his ass at me.

Please make it possible to farm boss, etc with out having to save and quit. To be honest I didnt mind it so much until the new dlc but since I downloaded dlc 2 the loading screens have got noticable longer :pensive:

There’s a yellow icon near the enemy the drone is targeting so that’s at least a way to tell where it is.

Is that not like the attack command for fl4ks pet where you pick the target ? Is it also on the mini map ? I was more so thinking of the clone so I can see which way it is facing

100% with you on point (1).

On point 2, it’s the designated drops that are too rare. World drop rate on M3/4 is pretty reasonable as is.

Another major problem with the loot system is too many trash anointments. If I never saw the words “While airborne…” again I’d be thrilled.

Also, a major quality of life improvement for me would be to make the ASMD not a thing anymore.


Photo-mode remembering your settings, especially for damage numbers. Since we have to do so much testing to report bugs or check builds, it would be nice if the numbers on were the default.

Really, they should be a separate layer that can be added or removed at will. But there’s no putting that Poop cosmetic back into the chest, so to speak.

It would also be nice if the camera position could be set and saved as one of a many “custom settings”, and if you could move your character and emote while positioning the camera.

That would be far more useful than “pick up and equip”.

I haven’t run into a chubby enemy in so long I honestly forgot they were in the game

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added some stuff :yum: and been more then a day since anybody replied :slight_smile:

Reworked the list/Bump post :slight_smile:

Pretty much this. Skywell-27 could use one right before Katagawa Ball same with Athenas right before the bridge.

Also, things you mark as favorite should stay marked even if put them into / take them out of your safe.

Added to the list :wink: