Ok, some more QoL changes that could be added (renewed for M 2.0)

Mayhem 2.0 is a great concept! But like Borderlands 2, I’m seeing design trends that I do not like.

  1. Actions Skills not feeling powerful. As we go up in power our action skills damage can’t catch up. A way to scale their damage with mayhem would be great.

  2. No way to tell What Mayhem Level a gun is at. This is… incredibly annoying. Not sure how to fix it, but frankly not knowing if I got a mayhem drop or not makes me wonder why If mayhem loot is working.

  3. A way to Remove Modifiers. I like some of the new modifiers, and dislike others. but having an option to flat out disable all of them would be nice for easy weapons testing and a standardized game play experience where i don’t have to reroll things.

  4. Consider letting rerolls respawn bosses to make farming quicker.

Anyone have any thoughts on what else they’d like changed?

There needs to be a way to refarm or level up mission rewards or something. We only just had the last DLC not long ago and some of the unique weapons like the Seventh Sense are now stuck at M4 level with no way to get an M10 version. Why even make unique items if you are just going to make them obsolete in a few weeks??

Also, with regard to your #2…are items dropping at mayhem levels but without added mayhem levels? Is that a bug? Shouldn’t all guns dropping at M6 but a M6 gun? I thought I read that in the patch notes or something…

That’s my point: There’s no way to tell other than damage, which makes it unclear. I’ve gotten a few guns with low enough damage I thought they didn’t activate, and I have no clue what a mayhem 7 gun is supposed to do damage wise

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(Originally this post was a separate Thread)
“My list of suggestions on solving bugs, design flaws with mayhem 2.0”.

  1. Weapons looted from mayhem difficulty levels do not display their mayhem level.
    you can enchance top-right corner of an item card, and instead of displaying “Level 57” for Mayhem 10 wepons display either “Level 67 (57)” or “Level 57 (67)”. Or just single number, which can & will be higher than the level cap (currently is 57), but everyone will just guess, that when players reached the level cap, equipment level requirements no longer apply for that character ever, even when level cap is increased in a future.
    [EDIT1:] No, increasing the same level indicator is not good idea, because shield value will not scale on shields, so, there still should be 2 different numbers in tooltip, maybe something like “Level 57 (10)” to mean Mayhem level 10 or “Level 57 (67)” to mean level 57 with level 67 damage values.

  2. AFAIK grenade mods do not scale to mayhem, if so, it is probably not intended.
    Any item attribute which is related to causing damage must scale up, for example shield attributes, that do reflect or nova damage, those attributes should scale as well (to level 67 (57+M10)). So it is not just weapons, its artifacts, that do slam or sliding damage - all must scale to M10 damage values (level 67 damage effect values). Also melee damage and all other character level dependant damage souces - slam, sliding, melee damage, iron bear damage, pet damage - everything must scale (until you intentionally designed for weapons to play bigger roles, while anything else to play lesser damage-related role between non-mayhem and high mayhem difficulties).

  3. In Revenge of Cartel there is a bot on balcony (in the Ultraviolet boss room), which looks like Wotan and has same circular evergy shield, that blocks bullets. The problem with him is, that he is on an unreachable place and his loot (usually 1-2 legendaries) drop on same unreachable floor.
    His loot should drop on the main floor, rather than that balcony floor (or you can add a summonable stairs/lift/jumper, that is activatable with a button on the wall, which becomes active, after final boss dies (the Ultraviolet boss) or without a button, just when fight ends.

  4. AFAIK, chest and any other non-fight related loot sources do not scale with mayhem levels. I understand why it is made, but this design decision has many downsides, including greatly reduced interest to explore locations and to open chests at all.
    You can implement a check for eligibility, which requires players to do either a lot of boss killing, or completing some specific quest(s), or a trial/arena, or even compliting whole TVHM playthrough on same level of mayhem. After that check, character’s loot in chests will scale with Mayhem levels up to the Mayhem level at which he completed that check (just another binary check for character save data).
    Player selects mayhem 7, completes whole playthrough on mayhem 7 (without reducing the Mayhem level in between, just modifier changing is allowed (at least for the second half of the playthrough)), then his character becomes eligible to get all loot sources scaled to his current Mayhem level (maximum to level 7), including chests, shops, and mail-rewards.

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Let us disable screen shake.


was one of the first things i added to the list hahaha (and actualy one of the reasons why i started this list in the first place haha) :wink:

Yeah, I like how you collected a lot of ideas here.

Build swap was an idea i talked about long time ago finding it ending up in a relative new post gives me hope.

At least people have nice understanding of the game.
Gearbox could make good use of it.
Imagine borderlands integrate just few of these ideas.
That would make for great ways to adept to different situations.

You listed improved sorting options but the sort feature is just bad IMO. Instead I would rather see one or preferably both of these:
-bank tabs: this would allow you to organize your gear into logical groups. You can separate things by level or class or builds or whatever. This is especially needed due to the bank being shared by all characters.
-search field: sorting sucks because it’s limited to whatever sorting options are provided. However, a true search feature sorts items by whatever field you want. Want to see all shock weapons? Just put “shock” in the search and then it hides all non shock related items. Want to see all snipers or only Krakatoa snipers? Just search for sniper or Krakatoa and presto…useful sorting.

Beyond those two I would also add:
-scaling: is it broken or just needs to be improved? Not sure. 2.0 item scaling (AS, nades, shields) and loot scaling. As you increase the difficulty the drops shouldn’t be getting more stingy.
-mayhem anointments: if you are playing on a hard enough difficulty the items should ALWAYS have an anointment of some kind. Not sure what the cutoff should be (M4-M6 seems like a logical place) but they need to do away with these trash tier items when you are playing at a hard difficulty.

Also want o reinforce the suggestion of adding crew challenges to the loot pool or at least giving an option to level them up. I would also expand that idea to other uniques like mission rewards.

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will add them to the list :wink:

Make chests drop guns that suits your mayhem level, also quest rewards and manufacturer challenges then there is also the Slots machines and so on.

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added :wink:

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can you add more vending machines?
there is still one missing at the wardens chamber

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Some of the larger maps really need more fast travel points, or at least one more added when the area boss is beaten, especially on certain maps that only have one. Like the incredibly long run to the interior of Jakob’s estate, or the run to Katagawa ball.

Ammo caches also really should be giving more ammunition on higher mayhem, and also should disregard the low health warning while wearing a deathless artifact which bloats the caches with health vials that nobody actually needs.

Higher mayhem levels really need to have significantly higher, or guaranteed anointment chance, as well as higher chances for the less desirable anointments to be excluded.

There needs to be a way to respawn bosses without exiting out of the game. Certain niche cases in the game already make it clear that this is possible to do, but needs to be universal and not a glitch/oversight.

Experience/guardian rank gain is way too low as it is, I imagine by the time level cap 100 is implemented, people will still not be at cap guardian rank. The maximum mayhem level now is actually giving less experience than old mayhem 4. With the exponential increase in enemy health, all gains in high mayhem should also be exponential to fit the increase in time investment and effort.

NPCs in sanctuary need to talk less, and have collision removed so they cannot block the player from entering rooms or going up stairs.


I wonder why this hasn’t been mentioned before but…
Ability to reset Bosses.
Its pretty tiresome when one have to / want to farm for a dedicated drop and always has to save quit.

I’m aware that we can now reset rare spawns but if you are on the lookout for queens or kings call for example it takes lots of time.
And the fact that if you quit a lobby u have to invite your friends all over makes farming even more tedious.

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I like this suggestion list, don’t know if its been said, but I’d like an option to just disable green/blue/purple drops or convert them directly to cash. I don’t need the screen clutter other looter RPG games acknowledge these items are useless in end-game and give the option to disable them. This would also help make quest items more visible.

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How do you reset rare spawns without leaving the game?

Idk maybe like Freddie, the map gets reset when you travel
But that would make it hard for people who are struggling to get through an area for questing etc.

Very easy if you want to farm chupacabra or Chonk Stomp for example, go there kill him then go into Mayhem HUD here change the Modifiers’ viola Chupa is back.

As mentioned only works on rare spawns not bosses.

Sorry for the off topic related talk…

will add this to the list for you :wink:

it’s a great idea to scrap things without cluttering up everything

Great list. Here are some others that would be appreciated:

  1. mute Pippie
  2. change minimap triangles for teammates to a brighter color than light grey
  3. change my minimap color to the most visible of all, and different from my teammates
  4. fix the anointed militant’s immunity phases