Ok, some more QoL changes that could be added (renewed for M 2.0)

Integrate a smart loot toggle that lets you get only gear and anoints fitting to the VH you currently playing as.

Linked instead of reposting here, its a long post.

Yes!, #PippieMustDie

Each player should have their own color (even if it’s reused for each player)

As well as the slow moving purple orbs of death. Give us a way to destroy them, similar to cryo orbs or Death. It’s bad when the orbs are spammed and I spend several minutes just avoiding them instead of fighting.

Other QOL stuff:

  • Improve game stability! First and foremost.
  • LLM needs a makeover, with filters, larger storage, and auto-sell.
  • Vault needs a way to sell directly from it, as well as better sort/filter/search functions.
  • Add Load Out option to make it easier to test and swap between builds. I already submitted a suggestion, but it’s probably been ignored.
  • Remove the pickup option from ammo and health vials. It’s not needed and they get in the way of trying to pick loot.

Its not being ignored just look at the op i already mentioned this long long ago.

I submitted my suggestion to GBX via 2K’s customer support system. My comment about being ignored is based on the numerous bug and performance issues I’ve submitted, few of which have been addressed. I’m blaming GBX, not the excellent 2K support team.

But I hope you’re right.

  • cut down visual clutter drastically. 4 player M10 mobbing is a rainbow vomiting out of the screen with only the mini map being a valid indicator where to shoot at.
  • fix crashes/performance especially on consoles
  • add vertical split screen
  • follow up on the promises regarding fixes
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Never do so many minor-level cap increases again.
For BL3, I have already farmed most of my gear 4 times:
At level 50
At level 53
At level 57
At level 57 M10.
How many more times will we have to play the RNG game before it is all said & done? It just amplifies the horrible compounded odds of specific element + specific annointment. I feel like I have already played a BL lifecycle.

I just looked it up, BL2 level cap went from 50 to 61 to 72 & then OP levels. Not until the Commander Lilith DLC 7 yrs later was the cap pushed 1 more time to 80.

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