Ok these "OP please nerf" threads are getting out of hand

ive seen a lot of them in the forums lately and some don’t even make sense at this point. Three of them really stuck out to me.

  1. Someone said ambra needed to be nerfed (again…)but the Poster only used her once on PvE and said that he/she wasn’t very skilled.
  2. One person wanted attikus ult nerfed and said he required no skill.
  3. Another poster wanted boldurs shield nerfed… The one thing that makes him a good tank
    These are getting ridiculous next thing you know a guy will get killed by Toby’s ult once and ask to nerf it. Or request for whiskey foxtrots stickies to be nerfed.
    In conclusion actually learn to counter other characters before starting some op hype train

You mean aside his huge HP pool ? :smiley:

his hp pool is large but using his shield to tank enemy shots is what he’s good at

Well, people tend to go on forums to whine and bitch sooner than to praise something. People who’re asking for a nerf should generally just get better at the game. I’d personally like a buff for legendary items, but there are plenty of people asking for that at the moment.

Can’t you just ignore the “please nerf” topics?

He is easy to crits, though (If he doesn’t bring his shield up, that is)

I think everybody who needed a nerf got one(alani) some they went a little overboard with (ambra). The one I don’t like seeing is saying rath needs a nerf, I mean he’s an assassin his job is to kill people, the only argument I see against my reasoning is that the one or two other assassins can’t kill as easily. Melka(I think she’s an assassin if I’m wrong please correct me) is fine she can’t kill as easily as rath but if a good player uses her and focuses on you there’s a good chance your not going to win that battle 1v1, and deande need a buff to bring her to the other twos level not the other way around.

We need to focus on who needs a buff instead of who needs a nerf. There’s a few of then that need one(ambra, deande, WF, tobys ult, I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody)

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If you want to discuss the specific changes that people are proposing: use those threads.

If you don’t like those threads: don’t post in them.

Threads about threads aren’t really that useful.