OK This Makes Me Wonder About How Many Other Online Games You've Played

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The Difference Between Most Online Games And This One When It Comes To Getting A Answer From A Mod Or GM.

Likes: The Original Thread Apparently Only needed 2. Most require a 100+.

A$$-Kissing Requirement: In most Online Game Forums if the OP shows the slightest ounce of disrespect they pretty much destroyed any chance they had of getting a answer that doesn’t involve a thread lock. But not in this one apparently since they did answer.

When Mod Or Gm is being disrespectfully Criticized directly: The Mods and GM here are actually willing to respond to your criticism in a respectful way. Most other game forums respond with a ACTUAL AND PERMANENT deletion of posts and/or a Topic Lock regardless of whether the criticism towards the Mods/GMs was justified or not (which it usually was).

Time Needed To Receive A Reply: Apparently This Only Took 3.5 Hours. Most Online Games i’ve played i’m surprised if the topic only needs a week to get enuff recognition to be properly addressed. Even some of the better ones out there usually don’t do it in 3.5 hours of the threads creation. Complaining that it takes 3.5 hours to get a reply from a mod to me is the equivalent to complaining that it took a whole 5 mins to finish all your business with the DMV.

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That user has been…dealt with. Thanks, though.