Okay 3 for 3 something's up

Hi guys, new to Battleborn. I play on the xbox one and I’ve notice a strange occurence, I’ve only tried PVP 3 times and in each match the same thing keeps happening. The thing that keeps happening is there will be one or two players that take massive amounts of damage and don’t die (not tanks mind you). in one instance a Phoebe’s health would stop draining at about a third of the way. Most recently, I had a Deande charge me reading no shields, and about slightly less than half a health bar. I nailed her with priority target, 2 blast of my plasma pulse, like 3 hits of my laster pistol and then meleed her and she 1-shot me with a charge attack. After I died it showed her as still having full health and almost half her shields. 2 verteran players (I know because I’ve met them in PVE) left the match about half-way through and we ended up surrendering because it was a blood-bath (1 sentry dead and another at 20%, the game only having been running for like 6 minutes). How is this possible? And why are the matches so incredibly lopsided?

Hm, you’d have to have a recording of what happened so that we could try to guess what went on. Many possibilities.

How much health did you actually have left? What was the level difference? What gear was Deande using? Did she have a healer nearby to heal her to full after you died?

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Its difficult to say what happenend in this both cases. Especially the occasion with Deande sounds a tad bit like cheating, though on consoles this is very very rare. (XB1 here and never saw a cheater so far. One Marquis was godlike, but his game-history showed he was hardcore in shooters anyway)

Some points to analyse the situation:

  • Deande has a life-leech mechanic. If she got some hits (maybe high level skilled towards lifeleech + ll-gear) it could explain why she regained health so quickly.

  • Were healers present?

  • And which gear did they use?
    (if the matches are still visible under “Match History” you can look up which gear your rivals had.)

A combo of very good timed heals + gear effects triggering could lead to such incidents which look just impossible or like cheating, but are indeed legit.

This is due to the low playerbase. The low playercount led to a major change in Matchmaking.
Before this change MM worked with an hidden ELO-rank. (One would have a start pool of points, example 100. A won match adds 10 points, lost match takes 10 away. You got matched with people with a similiar ELO-rating)

After the change (now) the ELO-rank has almost no effect on Matchmaking. Means a player with -1000 or 0 points can be matched to player with +1400 points. (this is how I understood it, could be wrong)
Before the change the matchmaking took very very long, since the playerbase was small and the system took very long to find good matches.

Now I get matches within 2 minutes, but I mostly get steamrolled. (I´m not very good in PvP…)

As I see it it was a decision between “horrible waitingtimes” and “rather unbalanced matches within reasonable time”.

Do you have the match history? Maybe they had a legendary gear.

Deande could have been hitting you with her life steal and finished you off with lifesteal Burst Dash with skill damage gear.

That’s pretty much my experience too. If I’m on a good team, I can be on the winning side, but otherwise it’s simply too painful to keep playing. I’m not going back into PvP at all until I’ve had a chance to go through the new training things in the update. I do have to wonder how many folks got stomped and will simply never try again.

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All very good points, but is there anything that would cause her shields to go all the way back up?

If you haven’t unlocked Deande yet, you may not be aware of the fact that she can create clones of herself with one of her skills.

These clones have the same health/shield total as Deande at the time the clone was spawned (scaled down a bit, I believe, but looking at just her health/shields from someone else’s perspective it looks like the same amount), however Deande herself will become cloaked when she does this.

So you may have been firing at the clone, and then the real Deande came in (having taken no damage and recharged some of her shields while cloaked) and finished you. You then got the killcam and health/shield info of the real Deande and not her clone.

If this was the case, just some friendly advice for any future encounters with this character. There are two “giveaways” for spotting a Deande clone over the real thing:

  1. The clone’s eyes glow bright red, like she’s got spotlights in her head. Real Deande never looks like this.

  2. The clone will behave in a very predictable fashion, running in a straight line after a single target, with no attempts at zig zagging, taking cover, or changing targets to someone closer.

If you think a Deande approaching you is a clone, be on the lookout for the real one as she’s cloaked. She’s probably moving to attack from a different angle or cut you off from a safe escape route. The clone can be ignored for the most part as it won’t do nearly as much damage to you as the real one can, and if you can scare off the real Deande with your own damage, the clone can be dispatched fairly easily afterwards.


Sadly when I was still an advocate for the game, everyone I suggested this to got sick of the stomps and deleted the game from their hard drive and moved onto other things. It’s sad, but these stomps have coloured many of my friends opinions about BB and refuse to go back to it.

Even I have quit the PVP side months ago - only to return to finish new characters lore challenges which I do with much frustration. Just have to do Beatrix PVP-only lore challenges (because we know she will have them) when she is released then I never have to touch BB’s public PVP-stompocalypse again.