Okay Hylis, you won. "See you in hell! ...dying." [legendary & gear progression rant]

I’ve just completed my 100th Renegade run trying to get at least one of Hylis’ legendaries. I thought “even though it’s complete rng, if I’m only persistent enough I will eventually get one.” Right? Wrong.

I’ve tried it across all difficulties, with my attempts pretty evenly split between normal hc, advanced and advanced hc, und used a lot of different characters. But it all ended the same way. At an average match length of 25 minutes, that’s 42h down the drain, almost 2 days of complete playtime and I have made exactly zero progress towards my goal. In that regard the time is completely wasted. Just how ridiculous are these drop chances? I’ve never had a farming experience as horrible as this and I have over 1500 logged in Warframe…

Yes, other games make use of abyssmal dropchances for gear progress as well, but at least most of them provide alternate progress paths or failsaves I can take in case I’m really, really unlucky.

Take Hearthstone e.g., packs have a pity timer that will guarantee at least one legendary every 40 packs to even the unluckiest player. And if you don’t get what you want, you can use a crafting system to make at least some progress.

Or Warframe, some drops there have unholy dropchances, but even if I don’t find what I need I can sell all the trash I collected while farming to other players and then use the money to buy it from someone luckier than me.

But here? Nothing of this sort exists, and as a result all my effort may be wasted, possibly forever. It took me too long to realize this, but I also didn’t anticipate these horrendous droprates. The whole experience completely sucked the fun out of these missions. I’m done.



Welcome to RNG? You don’t know how long I have tried to get legendaries from Borderlands 2. I have still been unsuccessful, even with the loot drop chances being tweaked for weekends.

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I’m more astounded that 42 hours is two days of play time for you. Get some sleep buddy! That’s three hours a day!
On a more serious note, yes rates suck. And the gear is non standard, so turn when you get it, it might have trash stats. I just pretend the game is in beta, and it’ll all be fixed soon! :slight_smile:

I thought about farming for legendaries, glad I didn’t now. That sounds awful.

Thanks, cheif.

Almost 2 days worth of play time I mean, I haven’t actually played those missions within 2 days, they were stretched out over more than a week. I sleep quite a lot actually.

But yeah, I didn’t even mention the stat ranges, which make it all the more terrible. When I first learned about them I thought that with this system they could make legendaries more available because you’d still need to farm them several times if you want max stats on them, 2 levels of manageable rng so to speak, so you have the choice between putting a little time into farming to just get the item, or doing some hardcore farming to get a perfect one. But right now it’s rather hardcore farming to get one at all, and thinking about a perfect one seems just utopistic - with my experience, at least. And yes I’ll now wait until changes happen to gear progression, I’m just very salty that I’ve wasted so much time on this iteration.

At least in bl2 you can just farm the boss and don’t need to do a boring 25 minute defense mission before. And also, it does have a failsave to still get awesome loot through seraph crystals. Oh and I almost forgot, you can actually trade gear with other players. Like I said in the op, multiple progression paths.

And I mean, just because gbx had a terrible rng system in a previous game it’s no justification to continue with this path. Especially in a game that wants to offer competitive pvp a 100% luck based progression system is a horrible choice, imo.


Why are you even playing if it’s not fun for you?


Honestly: If gear would be tradeable you´d get mine at instant! :heart:
Its pretty hard to read your post, like RNGesus cursed you himself - I played 9 times Renegade and got the item twice, never use it…

In BL1 I had only 3 Legendaries with a playtime of 300hours+, BL2 was slightly more lucky for me. RNG is a bitch sometimes…


I stopped playing destiny when I realized that I literally had more than double the time played of any of my friends, and they literally all had gallajorns (in most cases multiples) including the friend I’d bought the game for two weeks earlier (who also had a Vex of course), and I still didn’t have one.

The thing I like about BB, is you don’t actually “need” any of the legendaries that are out there. Greens and blues for days.


I still remember how Bahroo farmed for The Hive in Borderlands 2 for 13 straight hours.

Ah, how I love RNG.


Like the concept of farming for something you really want (be it items, rep, exp…) is something new to you, c’mon. And don’t tell me everyone else does it with utmost joy. The fun part about it is finally succeeding and reaping the benefits. I’m not saying it was a horrible experience from the start, moving to harder difficulties on different characters was interesting at first. But everything has an end. For me that end is now, where there’s literally nothing of value I can get out of these missions.

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I’ve played 200 successful story missions now and I’ve found ONE legendary drop that entire time. Played across all the difficulties including plenty of Advanced Hardcore (which I usually get greens or nothing from). I also spent 100,000 shards on gear packs and didn’t get a legendary from those either.

I have some friends who play as well who mostly PvP… one of them has played 42 story missions on normal only and he has 9 Legendary items from it while I’ve played 200 and only have one. It’s all about luck… and you and me don’t have it.

I also want some Hylis gear… but at this point I’m pretty much giving up on trying to any of the gear that I want. There is some insanely amazing gear for Miko (my favorite Hero) from the Experiment that would help me out in PvP significantly (30% increase to sprint speed from ONE PIECE OF GEAR) but alas… I will NEVER have it.

Might as well just PvP only and say screw everything else. I almost don’t want to do that anymore considering how much time I’ve invested for quite literally NOTHING.

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So, unless they patched it, advanced/hardcore Don’t increase your chances. I have uhh… Too many legendaries an I never touch either. Not pRoof, but I’ve heard the same from others. Or in your case, the opposite, where you still have none…

Tradeable loot…I want so bad. I am sitting on over 20 legendaries and most I don’t use. Heck I’ve sold duplicates at least 4 times, as well as two others that were competing with another legendary.

GBX let me trade my loot!


I REALLY wish I had your guys luck. I can’t tell you how frustrating is to have COMPLETED 200 story missions and spent 100,000 shards just to get ONE (and ONLY one) legendary that I don’t even use. It seriously makes me want to not play this game anymore.

Gotta love playing an Advanced Hardcore mission when bosses don’t drop gear at all… I’ve had this happen many times… don’t even get a green or white… got NOTHING.

At least I find epic gear about 5-10% of the time so that’s something I guess.

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Yah, it is a form of luck…

I have 6 epics (total) and I have a list of legendarues I wanted and have only gotten one. Lorian Pursecutter. Hylis hasn’t given me a single legendary…heck he only gives me uncommons.

Erm… 13 leg. 18 epic… Character leg’s were included, however. So I only have like… 5 ish normally.
Also, I seem to get more when I alternate, not so much when I farm. Like switch game modes, missions, etc.

While I am nowhere near his total runs on that particular example, I certainly feel slapped in the face by that stinky RNG too …

Within 130 h since release and about 50 h during the Beta I have probably dropped no more than 5 legendaries … and most of them are complete garbage like good old “Mr. Synchro Link” … which I actually got twice :expressionless:

The big keyword here should be alternate progress paths … which this game indeed lacks.

For example having the bosses reward some kind of tokens/currency that can be used to craft a desired legendary after multiple unlucky runs could help prevent that frustration many of us share.

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Stuff like that is a piss-poor excuse for that failed reward system …
Of course people will want the best stuff … and sometimes go to extreme lengths in order to get it.

GB (well aware of that) locks away that stuff behind ridiculous RNG with no alternatives … people get frustrated in the process and lose their motivation to play. That does obviously not help anybody.

I´m not saying farming bosses for items is inherently bad … i´ve done it myself in several games. I like progression systems and the idea to work towards some big reward.
But the RNG here seems out of control and the whole loot-system is pretty lacking … just look at the OP as an example. Call it bad luck all you want … yet it sucks ass for those players and ruins their enjoyment. Shouldn´t happen and could be prevented, had they put more thought in the system.

…Made me smile, thanks :wink: