Okay Now I'm Mad. A Legit Concern With This Game

Look… I’ll try to keep my anger in check but sometimes there is something about this game that pisses me off entirely and this game been out since 9-13-19. I took like a week break playing Division 2.

Before a week break after Level 53 is introduce I started switching to Fl4k and I’m having fun with it as equally as Zane. Fun is what gets me playing this game but before my break all I got was…

  • Gamma Burst Night Hawking
  • Gamma Burst Wedding Invitation

After my break I don’t see anymore Gamma Burst annointed and if I did it likely a underperforming weapon for M3-M4. Why am I seeing so much Rakk annointeds? I get it that they’re a lot of Rakk annointeds than FA and GB but listen carefully. This is my pissed off problem

WHY is it when I use like Fl4k that I always see stupid other 3 VHs Coms and Annointed for them? WHY is that even a bloody thing? This game has so much RNG going on for it and as of now it’s not easy farming for dedicated loot and Annointeds. Elements and prefixes are bonuses but the fun in farming is always getting a better version of the loot I wanted if it the god roll I want. I don’t even see “half god roll”. Most I see is either dedicated loot or Annointed I want on wrong loot.

There is 0% reason I play solo most of my entirely picking a certain VH only to see other VHs stuffs litter around the loot. If I want Amara Coms and Annointed then I’ll use her. Moze? Then I’ll use her. No reason for this to happen. The RNG both trolling and dicking me around and I’m getting fed up badly.

Game like this is not fun when they’re too much RNG going on for simple loot. I know some are fine with simple loot but I’m one of those who want a bit power with the loot if RNG is kind to me and test it out. I won’t make YouTubers dictate what weapons is good or bad when it maybe actually good when I use it or compliments with my wacky build.

I’m sorry but I don’t even know what to say anymore. I uninstalled Destiny 2 and never look back. I uninstalled Anthem and never look back. I don’t care for Anthem 2.0. This game is getting very close. Very very close but tis and Division 2 is all I have. I’m already saving heaps of money I earn monthly for Nintendo Switch.

I probably do need a Switch but about this game there is no reason for farming for anything to be difficult. Not getting a half god roll is putting me off badly


I’m not sure if you’ve reached the endgame yet, but, the loot system in the division 2 is worse than bl3.

Haven’t get to see it through that game. Max level I mean. I reached gear score of 500 today but WoNY came out bumping the levels up to 40. If it’s worse then I’ll make judgements. Heard of Blueprints and Recalibration.

Still this game piss me off big time. Been playing raid on M3 and Slaughter Shaft on M4 at times. I don’t see barely or no Gamma Burst annointeds on viable legendaries at Level 53.

The game litter junk of VHs I’m not using. That part shouldn’t happen. If I want Amara Coms and annointeds then I’ll use her and farm. Moze? I’ll use her to get it. Etc and etc. No reason I use like Fl4k and seeing other VHs junk. It’s a massive turn off for me

have you considered taking up knitting?


Lol at the comment but some people are really passionate about their games imagine having a bad time you come to games to relax have fun sometimes bond with others to many changes and adjustments can damage the vibe of the particular game don’t get me wrong I don’t take games that serious but when i go on a game it’s because i enjoy it know what i mean?

That’s debatable - it feels like a deliberate design decision to encourage you to play other VHs.

I personally find it useful. YMMV.

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I use all 4 but they’re times I just need to settle with one. I used Zane a lot and want to move on Fl4k, my last used VH. No reason I should use others when I want to break in and feel comfortable with it. I’ll use others when the time is right.

That part should just get rid off. Assuming you’re right I don’t want Gearbox keep dictating me to swap characters

wasn’t there a whole thing about gbx saying people only used 1 character and they focused the game on that part and thats why we aren’t getting new dlc vault hunters but dropping stuff for other VH that you aren’t using seems counter intuitive to that idea?


Different things, IMHO - one has to deal with the decision to invest real $$ into making an additional playable character. They decided that story DLC is a better option. Not everyone likes it, I understand.

The other is aimed at making it more likely that player tries different characters. Presumably it will lead to longer engagement and improvement in whatever metrics they care about. GBX never said that they love the fact that lots of players favor a single character…

And that is before we get into discussion of whether different player segments like different things: I personally don’t mind finding loot my other characters can use, and appreciate ability to pass it on. But that’s me.

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I heard about the new update. But the loot was terrible for a couple of reasons.

Gear for every slot had multiple rolls. Imagine a class mod with 4 rolls instead of 3. The only roll that matters is damage.

Lower level gear with less stat slots have higher numbers. That means lower level mods are literally better than higher level mods.

I know there’s an update. And since this is a gearbox forum, I’ll wrap it up. The point is if you’re looking for a game that doesn’t have the loot issues that bl3 has, I’d try something else.

I’m looking into Division 2. Seen videos exactly how to combat rng down to a minimum. Gear 2.0, Recal station/library seems good but I don’t have much choice but to play it more.

I don’t like playing same game a lot constantly but I’ll have to see if they’re other games I can buy. Though I need to save my money

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Atleast with flak you can make use of the rakk anoints as well all of the ase ones if you alter your build. With Zane only sntnl cryo is any good for all builds that I know. Though if you want to play GB only I get how you feel. Though Flak is an alt for me so when I use him i gravitate towards ASE since I cant use those on zane.

WOAH , nobody tells u to adapt to what the game drops for u.

imagine this post was posted on 2019 , im pretty sure entire community jumps out with this bs