Okay so....new legendary ideas

So I’m not looking for stats just special effects one idea I had (which is pretty disgusting but kind of fits bl) a corrosive laser that has a peeing effect starts out strong but the flow gets weaker until the clip is empty then reloads back to full stream, maybe bandit/scav call it ful blader would be a great airborne weapon just aim straight down when the stream gets weaker or another one a tediore shotgun that instead of it exploding, you instantly teleport to where it’s thrown and they can call it Night crawler. Or hyperion weapon that instead of getting more accurate, gets less accurate but instead of getting less accurate as the clip empties only the last bullet misses the rest are 100 percent accuracy call it the prototype, I know players think up weapons all the time so please start replying maybe gearbox will see this and start making weapons we want :laughing:

Not saying they don’t make legendaries we want(torrent, cheat code, omg hellfire from bl2 because I can’t find it in tps :angry:) what I’m saying is there are some that were like what? Why? Cradle,WTF, and the flakker. All I’m saying is there can be better.

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How dare you insult the sublime glory that is the Flakker?


But for real it’s one of the very best weapons.

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I stopped reading when you implied the Flakker sucks… Luckily it was almost the end of the text.

IMO, the Flanker is EXACTLY what a legendary should be: it’s different enough from it’s regular counterpart that it feels like a different gun, it offers a playstyle that is unique, and if you take the time to learn how it works, it offers more than other guns. It also exemplifies what the manufacturer is all about in very clear ways (I.E. EXPLOSIONS!!!)

Counterexample: the Flayer
While it’s better than most guns out there, it’s just a coach gun with better stats. There are no reasons to use a coach gun if you have access to a Flayer: it has better damage, accuracy and mag size. However, it acts exactly like a coach gun. So it’s not a new option: it’s just a direct upgrade.


How do you use it I aim at enemies, shoot, and nothing happens. I used it on nisha in tps and
zero from bl2 I tried close range, long range, medium nothing worked.

maybe I’m using it wrong, but I was less than impressed with the flakker. is it more of a grenade launcher? I don’t understand how to use it. I’ve been owning with the Flayer instead.

same here, I couldn’t get it to do anything.

the projectile speed is pretty slow on the Flakker if I remember correctly, what’s the best way to use it?

It’s less about slow projectiles than limited range and focal point. The Flanker is awesome from 3 to about 12 yards out. Outside that, it’s useless.

It just takes practice.

But have no doubt on it’s power: it can be used to one-shot Iwajira with 3 different characters…

It’s funny, all the legendaries that you love are literally the laziest in design. Torrent, CC and Hellfire are all just flat out better versions of their purple, and that’s exactly what you SHOULDN’T have with legendaries which were initially intended to be better based on their uniqueness and not their just flat out better stats.

Good Examples: Fragnum, Flakker, Sledge’s, MT, (I think almost all Legendary Lasers except the AZ and LY), Nukem, Thingy, Mongol, Kaneda’s, Blowfly, LC…etc


A case for a few of them though: In some cases, the legendary version of a gun is also meant to be the epitome of what the manufacturer is all about. The Torrent for example, is mostly just a good version of a Dahl SMG, but what is Dahl about ? Dahl guns are about stability and burst fire, and the Torrent had ridiculously small recoil, very high max accuracy and the meanest fastest burst fire possible.

Likewise for the Hellfire: Maliwan is about elements, and adding splash to the gun gives it twice the chances to inflict DOT.

Those are lazy design, but at least they are coherent.

Some however are just … Boring.

The Magma, Flayer, Hammer Buster, Shredifier… All pretty much upgrades (or attempted upgrades)

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Here’s some things I would like to see when it comes to sticking to manufacturer schtick:

A Tediore gun with a mag size of 1, but a reload speed of 0.1

A Vladof gun that is affected by the equivalent of a yellow glitch at all times.

A Hyperion shotgun with a linear pattern (all pellets follows each other in a conga line)

A Dahl sniper where the first bullet is cryo and the next ones are explosive, taking advantage of the burst fire mechanic.

A Scav gun that keeps shooting WHILE you reload.

… Things like that :slight_smile:


Fragnum,blowfly, invader, pitchfork, skullmasher,striker, and a couple others are good examples. Shredifier, shooterang, HB2, actually all leg assault rifles suck. A few others I forgot to mention, for the most part there are only a few good legs. That dahl sniper sounds good freeze them then shatter them with explosions. The pitchfork in cryo freezes easy I loved freezing flying enemies then watching them shatter it was gold. For that hyperion shutgun they’d probably have to reduce the damage a bit. This is good keep them coming gear box listen to us we know what we want

Strikers a bad bad example, literally just a better longrider

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You have to shoot once in order to reload so the reload damage would be very low. A magazine size of 2-4 would be better imo.

I didn’t mean it to be a chucking gun. Just a gun that you … You know… Shoot :smile:

A mag size of 1 and a quick reload speed means a gun you never have to REALLY reload… So to speak.

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To be completely honest, I didn’t “get” the Flakker either until i forced myself to master it in TPS.

In BL2 i had given up on it.

You CAN use it against any enemy, but, if you’re trying to kill just one dude (unless it’s a large boss with a big / lots of hitboxes) you’re better off using something more accurate and less unwieldy.

But, if you’re facing multiple enemies, some on the ground, some jumping / flying around, there’s not a better option.

As @Chuck80 said, it has a bit of a “comfort zone” or “sweet range” you need to get used to.

It synergises particularly well with cryo singularity grenades, or any kind of singularity grenade, bur cryo particularly.

Gather a bunch of enemies together and blow 'em the f**k up!

An awesome combination is a Flakker combined with Too Scoops.

Freeze everything in front of you with cryo balls, then Flak em all to bits!

The Flakker / Too Scoops combo is especially deadly with Clappy’s “Start With A Bang / One Last Thing” skills in his left hand Explosive oriented skill tree.

You get crazy added projectiles and (I believe) firing speed on both guns.

It’s insane!

Combine that with a Strafing Run oz kit (increased weapon fire rate / reload speed while airborne) Oz kit, and it’s pretty nuts!

The Flakker / Too Scoops combo is also effective with Wilhelm using a Mauler class mod (greatly increases shotgun damage and accuracy) or Aurelia with full cryp gear and her Ice Trap action skill.

@Amazing_DKSWW @maliwankenobi

That gun would have a fire rate of 5 and continuous shooting ADS would be impossible. Doesn’t sound very appealing. I would’ve liked a 0.1 reload with a low magazine for chucking but for shooting, idk man

That’s weird, especially considering you have no clue what it would be like :stuck_out_tongue:
Just with what I said, it’s still so vague that it could be rubbish… or too good to actually make it into the game, we don’t know.

A gun with a fire rate of 5 that never has to be reloaded doesn’t sound appealing to you ?
That also makes it a gun that is always under the effect of post-reloads skills and that benefit from “first bullet in the mag” skills AND “Last bullet in the mag” skills as well on every single shot. And as a bonus, it chucks 5x per second for 1/2 the damage of the shot, giving it the equivalent of 50% splash.

…And you don’t think it’s at least mildly interesting as a general concept ?

…Sure you can’t ADS… wathever :stuck_out_tongue:

As an SMG, it sounds bad, granted. …but what if it’s a shotgun or pistol ?

What if it was like the Blockhead or the Omen… but with 5x the fire rate and never having to reload it properly ? and 5 chucks a second for free on top ? Doesn’t that sound like the kind of things that gets nerfed immediately while everyone goes “what were they thinking?”

…So don’t be too quick to judge, especially when it’s still just a vague concept :wink:

Also, if it had a mag size of 2-4, it would be:

  • much less interesting to shoot (since at that point the fire rate of the gun will matter)
  • the kind of thing that stupid-broken combos are made of, BeeHawk style… just too much potential for abuse
  • having a mag size of 1 also allows you to shoot/chuck by just holding the trigger. Otherwise you would have to alternate fire/reload to use the chucking primarily.

The point was to make a gun that would use the Tediore reload speed schtick, but in ways that are not already common in the game, as well as making a gun that is different and interesting. If it just chucks faster, then it’s exactly the kind of boring legendaries we were talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait there’s an inferior version of the the striker?

Huh ?

A Jakobs shotgun with a Hyperion barrel is called a Longrider.

They’re like the Striker, but less accurate and without the crit bonus.