Okay so post nerf how should Moze be built now?

Hopefully they don’t decide to revisit, except to buff stuff like Iron Bear. I haven’t played her at all yet, hence this topic. Is her grenade/explosive build still a thing?

Also what tree to go down for main game for most fun? I rather like explosives in this game which is one of the reasons I want to play her.

Pretty sure Grenade build is fine because you dont need to throw more than 2 per second, and even if you do they last longer than that so youll get all your stuff back… Maybe need to open some ammo chests from time to time tho

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It’s literally the same, have been more than a couple topics on it already. For builds just visit the Moze Subsection.

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Agreed, they say they killed the infininade build befause it was “never intended by gearbox to have infinite grenades” (-Patch notes) But what blows my h*ckin mind is the fact that it didnt change…

Moze still has just as much potential for infinite grenade spam.

Furthermore… For gearbox to state that having infinite grenades was never intended… But then release a game in which 2 out of the 4 playable classes have an infinite grenade potential… Is hillarious. Im running a build with Recurring Cryo Hex where Im just tossing and regencning grenades. Is it the best build ever? No. Is it fun as all h*ck? Yes. And im not even playing Moze.


2 seconds CD on MoD didn’t kill any of her builds, not even close. it did prevent people from carelessly blow through all their granades. something i very rarely did anyway, but i’m sure some people actually really enjoyed being able to do that, so that kinda suxx.

i honestly feel like this change were just in response to those who complained how boring it was to play that way instead of just change their build / playstyle themselves. the only people who were affected by this change were people who LIKED this playstyle, most other either didn’t even abuse it or did abuse it but didn’t care if it got nerfed because they didn’t enjoy it anyway.

bahroo posted a vid of his explosive build post “nerf”. its barely affected her at all.

much of the comments about her being useless etc now are based purely on wild speculation it seems.

I just really wish Gearbox would stop ■■■■■■■ nerfing based on youtube videos. MOST PEOPLE HAVE LIVES

We don’t have perfect gear, nor do we have the time to ever get perfect gear. Ffs