Okay.. So Versus Draft REALLY Needs To Stay As A Permanent Queue

I don’t think i’ve ever had a more fun time playing Battleborn as i have since Versus Draft was made a regular queue. I don’t really get to play on weekends, and have missed out on playing it all but a handful of times until the most recent update. Why is it so enjoyable to myself, and so many of the others that i talk to and play with? Because almost every match has been against at least three players of high skill, and much of the time it’s against whole 5-man pre-mades also looking for a challenge.

Sure, i get screwed with who i get stuck with sometimes, and have experienced the bitter-sweet taste of being target-banned. However, it has also provided for more strategic matchmaking that i have hitherto not had the pleasure of enjoying. Almost every match that i have played in Versus Draft has been a hard-fought, enjoyable match; yes, there are frustrations, but the overall experience is still VASTLY more enjoyable to me than the old Quick Match and Incursion setting was.

However, the BEST part of Versus Draft that i have seen is that, because there doesn’t seem to be many, if any, low-levels queueing in Versus Draft, it would seem that i have finally been freed of matches where i am paired against new or inexperienced players. No longer must i jump through metaphorical hoops to avoid killing and further ruining the experience of the new players that i stomped in the old queue system. The skilled finally have a constant queue to battle one another in, which i believe will help us to avoid pub-stomping, and cause new players to leave this great game of ours. This consensus SEEMS to be shared by many of the highly-skilled players on PS4 as, again, i see almost nothing but teams of them in Versus Draft.

Gearbox, PLEASE consider keeping Versus Draft as a permanent queue, as it appears to be going a long way towards removing a lot of the unfair matchups that were previously seen with the last queue system.


Untill you try to solo qm to avoid a 5 man premade and you find them in qm pubstomping lvls 20.

Great isnt it?


Well, of course it’s not going to stop pub-stomping completely; but the more competitive pre-mades playing Versus Draft, the less there are playing Quick Match. I’m actually seeing quite a few teams that hated the Incursion queue playing Draft (even though it still ends up being Incursion most of the time), which means they aren’t in Quick Match. It’s not an end-all solution to pub-stomping (that will ALWAYS rest on the morality of the pre-mades doing it), but i DO believe it is helping cut down on it.


At this point premades shouldnt be allowed in qm, or lvl150+ premade in qm…

Oky one thing is get targeted by this famous premade and taunted, but other is get my noobs taunted none stop!!

Yes i died two times and i got taunted, but my noobs they died 10+ times!!


I see the versus draft as a play-hard mode, and it’s really okay for premades or pro players. I think it should stay, too. Let’s increase the player base and give us a lot of options to play, with fast queues. :slight_smile:


I feel there should be 3 playlists period. Any more and no one will find a match with the population of this game as it stands.

Quick match

  • should be solo/duo
  • Include map picking
  • include 1 of each game type (Meltdown,Capture,Incurstion) - gonna be a problem when/if Supercharge comes out

Bots Battle
- stay as is

Versus Draft
- hard limit of around CR40 to enter (debatable of course)

I set the bar high because even at CR128 I didnt know until last night that I could just run into my base and go over a spawn point for instant health . . . s***'s never explained in this game and I feel you dont get a good grasp until CR30-CR40


Yes, now that there is a true competitive queue at all times, something should be done to protect Quick Match. Making it solo/duo might help, but i doubt it, as i still ran into premades exploiting queueing at the same time to get paired together…

I actually like the sound of this^. Either way, map picking DEFINITELY needs to make a return.

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All I gotta say is I loooooove draft :slight_smile:


It should also disband and requeue all teams after every match. It might be a little annoying to the average queuer, but it should help discourage people from exploiting the queue to get teamed up with their friends. Some won’t be as keen on queue dodging to get paired with their friends if they have to do it every single match.


I agree with the thought that it would discourage people from trying to meet up with a group of friends but with a low population, keeping groups together is almost a necessity. It cuts down on que times and frustration.


Supercharge was confirmed to be 3v3, so it can’t be included in voting (unless you want to enrage 4/10 of the players each match by kicking them after the vote). :wink:

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Oh yeah forgot it was only 3v3
Those maps are tiny lol


As much as I love Draft, having it in is turning away a lot of new players who have been playing Incursion for the last 20 levels. They can’t enter it because they don’t have 14 characters. I don’t think Draft is what Battleborn needs right now. We can always do it in our league and private matches.


Good idea, this would probably help more than anything, to be honest.

Not if you don’t have the people to do so. Getting a 10-man match together requires a lot of planets to align for a lot of us. I do see what you mean about it turning people away though; perhaps it should be locked for full-game people only, if free-trial players won’t have enough characters.

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What will Verses Draft become for solo queuers?

For those who do not have the luxury of being able to have a few friends with them when they go into this highly competitive mode filled with premades?

The EXACT same thing the Incursion queue used to be, but without the increased chance of mains or broken characters being banned, haha. In other words, a bad time.

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So we’re just not supposed to care about the solo queuers?

I go into draft mode with 5 mans looking for other 5 mans. Im supposed to split off from my 5 man because there’s a chance that I’ll get matched against solo queue players? No thanks.


I’m saying that draft gives a better chance of a safer environment, because the Incursion queue that USED to have it’s spot was plagued with the same competitive pre-mades. Do you think they all came out of the woodsworn (:smirk:) as soon as draft became available? You completely ignored my last post…

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I mean, Draft is essentially locked away for full game people so new players basically get just QM or bots and boy are those bots dumb. I’m saying Draft needs to go away, at least for now. It’s not like the queues won’t ever be able to be changed again.

I can introduce you to other players if you want to play higher skill scrims. I don’t know if you know about the league that oobface put together but it has some pretty high tier players spread across it.