Okay, so what does this artifact do? (cryo efficiency vs frozen)

Here’s a google drive pic https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G7SweV6qxw5gKy8sdQOvpqRQbitlHLul/view?usp=sharing

As far as I knew, cryo efficiency didn’t have any special benefit if the target is already frozen, so let me know!


I think the higher your cryo eff the higher the mobs hp can be and get turned frozen …a ingame tooltip said with a cryo efficiency of 100% the mob can be frozen at 20%hp

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true, but it looks like it only applies that efficiency toward already frozen enemies

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I’m thinking the same thing.

The efficiency works before they’re frozen damage is after. Use it on Zane only purple item I use

Actually not a bad low level drop! :+1: