Okay so what happened with SNTNL 100

I started noticing that there wasn’t any dropping and now I can confirm there is something going on. I have been farming Traunt a lot, clearing a lot of areas, and just completed all 5 levels of slaughter shaft. Not one SNTNL 100 weapon has dropped. Too much of a coincidence, there’s no way it should take this long, something’s up.

Bad RNG man…had one drop today.



You must only play Zane too. The SNTNL Cryo anointment is the rarest anoint for Zane players. I’m assuming it is intentional to keep us playing longer.

As a Zane main, I get a ton of anoints for the other Vault Hunters but hardly ever for Zane unless its the crappy “digi swap for reload” that I always ignore.


But do you think they are dropping at the same rate? Okay I did get a Hazardous Frequency shotgun with 100 SNTNL but I’m tellin’ you it seems they are dropping much less frequently. A guy I play with said the same thing.

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Yes, of course I play zane SNTNL. And I realize the SNTNL cryo anoint is the rarest, but even so I purposely played the slaughtershaft to test my theory and I’ve never gone 5 rounds and not received any.

I guess what I meant to say is that if you use a different VH other than Zane, you may see it more.

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All things being equal, if they’ve added more Anointments to the pool of potential Anointments then you’d technically see any given one a bit less often.


zane is the most fun to play… but the biggest crap to farm…

you also need DLC1 for his only decent classmod.

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That’s just your bad luck, I’m afraid.


I’ve seen it drop recently it is always a rare, rare drop and now with the #$&# Cartel annoints polluting the pool It is that much rarer.

The anointment pool is just huge…I’ve gone thru entire sessions without finding 100 STNL stuff.

That’s the problem that most of us have with farming…with so many layers of RNG, it’s damn near impossible to find exactly what you want



In my entire time playing this game, I’ve seen maybe 10 drops that had that anointment (not hyperbole). There’s no way the drop chance for that anointment isn’t weighted.

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I’ve played the hell out of this game and I’m getting mostly slide and airborne anointments. With occasional 100 % cold damage ase.

Something is definitely going on.

I haven’t seen a single 90/300 or 200% while AS is active, and I was getting mostly Iron Bear anoints playing as Amara.

The dlc was far too average to put up with this, modifiers, and 99% of weapons being useless.

Looks like I’m moving on again and I’ll come back for the 4th dlc because I bought the season pass like an idiot.

I’ve literally just got a cryo/fire flipper with 100% sntnl cryo. I have real bad luck with drops in general but decent annoints on good weapons is a very rare thing for me.

Possibly 2 weapons I can think of since the game came out with annoints I’ve been looking for. A handful of others with useful annoints. The rest are for other characters or monarchs with sliding ect.

SNTNL Cryo is my go-to anointment, so I feel your pain. I did manage to find something with SNTNL Cryo today though. It went straight into the vault , as it wasnt a gun I particularly wanted.

I think the best option is to have your non-Zane friends keep you in mind when they’re farming.

I see the 100 SNTL Cryo anointment all the time, but it’s usually when I’m not playing Zane. For instance, I have been trying to get a Phasecast Beacon (aka Hellshock 2.0) for my Amara, but I got a SNTL Cryo Beacon instead.

The drop pool is jus too diluted at this point.

You have :

  • ~20-30 classe/talent tree annointement (Which SNTL is a part of)
  • 8 ASE (Cryo, fire, rad, shock, corrosive, damage, badass & melee if I’m not wrong)
  • ~5 - 10 ASA (Reduc damage, -200% weapon damage …)
  • 5 Cartel annointement (Spike, 300/90, 150/50, 500% DoT, health pool)
  • ~5 sliding/in the air

And maybe even other I forgot about.

Let’s not even talk about the fact those different annointement are weighted differently, as the crappiest one are way more frequent than the other.

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Yea, the anointment pool has become too diluted. GBX really needs to get rid of some of these worthless anoints.

I did just get a SNTL Cryo anointed Flipper though. Of course I got it while playing on Amara. My Zane will be happy with it.

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RNG god is screwing with you bud. In my case i wanted the 50/150 rad anoint but i hardly ever see them. It is psychological too the more you wanted and seeking the less it seems to appear.

Gbx needs to help us with RNG a little bit more here, also the dedicated loot pool fix needs to come sooner…