Okay... time for the Borderlands 3 board

I’m skimming through this board and see a lot of topics are Borderlands 3 related. Might be time to make the new board and shift posts over to the appropriate place, Gearbox.

Not saying this isn’t the right place of course, just that there is probably enough buzz for the actual board to be made.


It’s on a list.

I don’t know how many other things are on that list, but…


Remember the game just left pre production and entered production, thats 2-3 years now and maybe more.

I can see them popping up when there is something to show, much like with TPS and Battleborn.

Battleborn was in production for 4 years, so don’t get too excited yet.

From what I remember TPS was outed prematurely and thus forced Gearbox’s hand. We know there is DLC coming for BB but really we want to hear or see snippets of Borderlands 3. As a Borderlands fan I don’t care at all for Battleborn as it is a completely different game to what I usually like, I can appreciate they have made it but if it was at the expense of more Borderlands I would be sorely disappointed. Given TPS was not really lauded by Gearbox because it was a third party made game I then expect we should start to hear/see some of BL3 soon. It has been too long since BL2 ended. We need an update of sorts.

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This is kinda why I said what I did, it just entered production a few weeks ago, a game like that will take ~3 or so years to make so chances of seeing anything for awhile is kinda slim besides maybe concept art.

People need to be patient, I keep seeing all over that people think a trailer will be here soon, etc…

Bl3 is a ways off if they just really started on it.


Took a few months from announcement of Battleborn to the first still shots, if I’m not mistaken. No?

We’ve got a while yet.

If people keep rushing bl3 we’ll have another pre sequel. Just let them do their thing if we let them take the time to perfect the game, we’ll have a game that exceeds our expectations. I want a game better then bl2 not another copy and paste.


HW:DOK (on the Homeworld side of the forums) got its own board a few days before it came out… I asked Joe and he said about when it was closer to its release. However, I don’t think it had a Beta so that might mean if BL3 does it might get a board sooner.


I see what your concern is, but I really doubt we’ll see anything that feels redone for Borderlands 3.

They know very well this is their flagship. Gearbox will definitely try to innovate.


Oh I know they will I have no doubt it’s going to be good but people wanting stuff right now isn’t going to bring it out faster or make it better people just need to let gearbox do their thing.


I see that people called for more variation with gun types and manufacturers, but personally I’m neutral to that, since I’ve only played 2 and TPS. I really liked the TPS gameplay, but the story was meh and there were little to no new characters on par with BL2. Hopefully whoever made Pickle either got some sense or left the team. I also want to see another elementally strong character, since that’s my favorite aspect of Maya.

Edit by PH. We don’t need any of that here.

Well the gun variation is probably due to people liking bl1 loot system, there was no gun gimmicks and no different manufacturer parts the biggest variation in bl2 was the hyperion barrel which grants the bonus to crit damage the rest are minor changes in stats for the gun. Bl1 you could have a pistol shoot multiple pellets if it dropped with the masher barrel like the maggie but it could come with any revolver not just Jakobs iirc.

You could have hybrid legendaries,2 legs in 1, because some legendaries have the special effect from their accessories. For example if they kept that system in bl2 you could’ve got a skull masher mixed with lyuda or a hornet mixed with a Maggie, I don’t think it was all legendaries but most of them could be hybrids.

Maliwan, dahl, and vladof made shotguns. Torgue made smg and snipers, hyperion, and Tediore made AR’s. Also there was no bandit or scav, there was s&s munitions, they had one more manufacturer too atlas.

So you start to see that there was greater variation in what kinds of guns you could get. On the flip side there was no legendary grenades or shields so bl2 wins on that front sorry for the wall of text btw just felt like writing a bunch :acmaffirmative:

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Indeed I brought this up a long time back and nothing came of it, this is fantastic idea and building the hype train is whats needed here!

Well, the OP only asked for a board to collect all threads in one place… And everyone else talking about actual developments about BL3… Which isn’t much at this point, I’m sure.

Maybe, at least merge the topics into one thread?

Well… GBX has said certain people are going to be working on BL3 soonish (if they aren’t already, Scott Kester, I’m looking at you art guy!!!).

I think this is what I was looking more for. Maybe a pinned thread.

Yes needs to be pinned, just make a bunch of sub threads like in the community character guides

take as long as you need gearbox .
“please” bring back the dahl, maliwan, and
vladof shotties a previous post

particularly, the bulldog and
hunter’s shotguns. :wink:

Hehe I mentioned those shotties but please gearbox make it amazing and take as long as you want

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Yeah we all want it soon but take the time to develop an amazing game and leave plenty of time to play test the hell out of it so it’s as smoothe and bug free as possible when launched.

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