Okay, what's going on with matchmaking today

I’m currently sitting, solo qued, in an empty lobby for incursion that’s completely empty and an open nat type, and have been for about 20 minutes now. Are the servers down, or did matchmaking suddenly get super bad? I’ve never had an issue until now

If you’re on Xbox, fully quit the game and start it up again. It’s a known issue that still hasn’t been fixed (or even acknowledged from my understanding). If you’re on PC… that’s normal.

Yeah, I’m on xbox. This is the first time I’m hearing about it, so thanks for informing me. I have work in less than 20 minutes now anyways, so I’ll just have to forfeit playing for today


lol at pc is normal


Was there an update to download today? That also slows things down quite a bit (at least for me - the XB1 tends to hog all the bandwidth, so I have to do larger downloads when everyone’s gone to bed or I get glared at…)