Okay who built their Sanctuary 3 Model?

It’s a friggin great model BTW.


I’m so deeply jealous.

I built mine and lovin it.

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Very cool…Just found one on Ebay for 41.99 (Just the model)

I like it, how big are they?

I think it would be neat to get an Armored Outrunner, at least for 4 inch scale figures, but preferably for 6 inch figs.

Still not built mine but my son keeps pestering me to let him.

Were both Borderlands nuts lol :peanuts:

built mine. set it aside next to the claptrap and Handsome Jack figures. Stickers on models (or even legos) are a challenge for me cause my hands tend to shake. so to get them just right is a fight.

This one is awesome: