Ol' Rosie - Is It Really Any Good Anymore?

I never liked beam lasers because they have lower accuracy and very high recoil. Still, the Rosie was great for boss fights. Now that the Rosie’s nerf is permanent, it has become painfully ammo-inefficient (imo). So, I switched to the Hail for boss fights. It works fairly well against the Invincible Sentinel. Deflected bullets never hit me thanks to the parabolic arc, and the splash damage does not get deflected lol. And it is awesome against the Empyrean form. I used the Hail against The Sentinel with Athena first, and I should’ve frozen the minions every now and then to get flash freeze, but it worked out okay.

The Rosie is still Top Gear for a lot of characters but I don’t think it’s great for Athena. The amount of recoil just makes it really difficult to use especially when you factor in the fire rate potential that Athena gets through Maelstrom stacks and Unrelenting. You’re much better off with the Hail and Hyperion shotguns that actually allow you to stack Maelstrom and offer better recoil reduction for Athena.

It’s basically only TG on classes that can ride the mechanical bull: the continuous dmg nerf coupled with its relatively low base damage makes it only amazing on classes that can keep it on target for a while, either through extreme accuracy or recoil reduction. Luckily, There are at least 3 classes (Jack, Wilhelm, Nisha) that can accomplish this. (I know it sucks for Clappy but I have almost zero experience with Athena and Aurelia)

lol I like that analogy. I’ll have to see if I have one available on my Athena that I can swap to at 999 stacks with Unrelenting active. Mule kick to the face. Athena has zero skills that boost recoil reduction and accuracy btw.

Athena could manage with it fine against bosses before the nerf, despite the high recoil. But now it’s a problem for her because her Aspis prevents her from aiming down. Wilhelm will probably be better off with the Hail as well, because he can aim down while the boss is painted. Nisha was a god with the Rosie before UVHM came out. If I tried using the Rosie with her after the nerf, it would drain her laser ammo faster than her pistol ammo. Jack can probably still use the Rosie for mobbing.

Idk, imo lasers became less relevant with the Rosie nerf and after the Hail began to drop. I only play Athena and Wilhelm, and since I adopted a playstyle of shock => freeze => explode, I decided to start using a Maliwan sniper for stripping shields. To me, it feels like a waste to use a large ammo pool for a task that requires less than 10 shots with a large ammo pool, and 2-3 shots with sniper body shots.

Have you tried Lasers like the Thunderfire, Absolute Zero, or Laser Disker?
The latter of which might be good for your playstyle.

I haven’t, I’ll look into them later.

Try absolute zero on your Wilhelm it’s basically the only laser I need. I use thunder fire for everything else. Both of these lasers on Wilhelm are great.