Old AMD GPUs Workaround for HW1RC Black Screen Crash (fixed - HD6 770m)

So I figured I would share my graphics error experience and how I got it working in case other people are in the same boat (updated CCC drivers aren’t compatible with your card). I’m hoping this applies to other dated mobile GPUs, but we’ll just have to see…

My laptop is an HP dv6 6180us. It has an AMD HD 6770m card. Powerful card, but the drivers are seriously dated (like CCC version 9). HW1RC runs on OpenGL 3.3, which the native drivers for my card do not support. So when I launch HW1RC, it launches fine, it plays the tutorial fine, but it can’t play the opening cinematic. The loading screen ends, everything goes black, the sounds start, and then it crashes. If this sounds like you, then read on.

The “fix”:
Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve had these driver issues (Dragon Age Inquisition anyone??), though they are a pain to get around. Basically, I had to find a custom driver. In my case, I needed the Enduro/switchable-graphics fixed drivers. Now, these drivers come with their own drawbacks, so I suggest installing them with caution. They can fix a lot of problems, but they can cause some too (reduced functionality of CCC, or driver just fails to load). Ultimately, I’ve settled on these drivers by Mahmoud Elfar.

Mahmoud Elfar AMD CCC 14.12 Omega Driver with Switchable GPU fix. (read his install instructions)

Elfar’s drivers are the only ones that seem to work for me (I’m quite partial to the 14.9 drivers, but HW1RC didn’t share my enthusiasm. I also don’t have the power management control with the 14.12 drivers that I had with 14.9, but that’s a minor problem.) I’ll probably just go back to 14.9 once I’m thoroughly done with HW1RC. Leshcat also makes similar drivers if you need another place to look.

Now, obviously Gearbox will not take the liability of telling you to use unsigned drivers, so I am suggesting it of my own volition. I hope this doesn’t get taken down since I figure that I am not the only person who will suffer from this. This worked for me and I hope it can help someone else out there (it can help with other modern games if you think you’re system is strong enough and just being limited by your outdated drivers).

  • Note. This made the game playable. I do have some anti-aliasing artifacts when transparent things are trying to anti-alias. It does not affect game play.