[OLD Bug] Subsystems still left behind by animations

Just going through and remastering our Nebula class ship. As some of you know it has three different subs to choose from. We’ve been unable to use subsystems normally in STC as we move the root joint for the Warp animation (which is still only playing “warp in”, but that’s another bug) and subsystems were left behind when the rest of the ship moved forward into or out of warp.

@BitVenom mentioned before that he was hunting a bug that should resolve this, and I just got around to testing it today. It’s still broken though. Just so everyone knows.


That’s bad news. With all the silence from the devs for the last several months I’m afraid It may never get fixed…

It just means that we still have to cut up any subsystems and expose the bits with an animation. Which is still problematic as the warp in doesn’t want to play

So… In your opinion, are all the drawbacks worth the switch to HWRM? Do they balance out or is it problematic for STC? Eye Candy aside…

Well lets look at it in a pros/cons way

  • Overhauled game engine with support up to 4k HD graphics - Pro
  • Steam Distribution - Pro
  • Overhauled race scripting to allow for races to be easily distributed between game modes - Pro
  • Most of the mod carried over without incident - Pro
  • Potential ongoing developer support - depends on the devs
  • Improved shader engine allowed the community members who knew what they were doing to make new shaders - Pro

And some cons

  • New HOD format means need to use Blender or 3DsMax to get a model in - Con
  • Animations were never easy, but now are damned frustrating to get going, and sometimes buggy - Con

Truth be told I’m having difficulty thinking of more for either side, but Pros are coming to me more easily than Cons. I would say it’s a good thing we moved to HWRM mate, there wasn’t much room for growth on HW2C.


It’s probably only a matter of time before @PayDay adds obj import to his dae editor…


The issue with pivots does my head in… and if Mr @PayDay does manage to recreate a CFHodEd inspired animation creator that would be amazing! :heart_eyes: