Old forum build recreation: Zer0

Hi there, so whilst I was browsing the build lists I came across a lot of broken links to past builds, some of which people once put a lot of effort into making, these group of posts (there is one for each character that have broken links) is to ask for peoples help in porting over the builds for everyone to be able to see them.

If you would like to pick up one of the builds, then please let me know bellow and I will up date the page to show who’s currently working that thread.

When porting the thread over you will need to:

  • Copy and Paste the work over
  • Fact check if you think any information is out of date (as in pre-patch buffs)
  • Format with colours and the text
  • If you need help with how the post should look please reference the Build Builders Bible

Here are the builds:

Point Blank Zero: (COMPLETED BY @Jefe)



El Casi Chignon: (COMPLETED BY @IdlePhantom)

OLD El Casi Chingon Build - The Gearbox Software Forums


Melee/Utility: (COMPLETED BY @Jefe)

OLD [Current] Melee/Utility Setup (Final Revision) - The Gearbox Software Forums


Altair’s Generic Melee Build: (COMPLETED BY @jefe)



The Dahl Professional: (COMPLETED BY @idlephantom)

OLD The DAHL Professional - The Gearbox Software Forums


Bucklingswashe’ Ass-Bandit: The Ass-Bandit: noaw redy for UVHM! - The Gearbox Software Forums

Legendary Gunblade: being worked by @Piemanlee The Legendary Gunblade - The Gearbox Software Forums

Doodoaxd’s True Assassin: The True Hybrid Assassin Build. OP8/72 - The Gearbox Software Forums

Links for the other ‘Old forum build recreation’ threads:

Krieg: Old forum build recreation: Krieg COMPLETED

Zer0: Old forum build recreation: Zer0

Maya: Old forum build recreation: Maya

Salvador: Old forum build recreations: Salvador COMPLETED


thanks for doing this mate!
I checked the old forums and man, dem feels! brings back a lot of good memories


@IdlePhantom I was interested in checking some great Zero builds, but unfortunately your links don’t work. Am I missing something? Your post is recent.

Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived


i just checked them and am really confused as i only did all that this morning, however i thought this could happen so i copied every build from all my threads created today to seperate word documents to be safe, what build/builds were you looking at and ill see what i can sort out for now

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Wow. Fast reply. What build do I want to check?, well, all of them :).

Now, more constructively, I play a level 26 Zero sniper/gunner on my first play/first character. Started some time ago, loved the hell out of this game, but put it a few times on hold (there are so many good games out there). I remember struggling in a few places: Caustic Caverns were the most infuriating; I only got through it with shotguns and rocket launchers, even if I preferred sniper rifles.

Now that I’m back, I started reading about how to play Zero well. I’ve reassigned my skill points, started playing it properly (Actually using Deception, duh!) and it seems to go much smoother. I’m seeing myself going into more depth.

Your post looks like a valuable contribution. It’s a pity to remain unusable. You could at least upload the docs to google docs or something.


This is very much a work in progress that only started last night. There is a mountain of work here and I think IdlePhantom is doing a great job so far.

Please be patient. This will take some weeks to get these all ported.

  1. have you looked on the master build list Assassin Master List: Build Collection
  2. these builds are from the old forum from a few years agao and i am trying to go though and check them and then port them on to this forum once they have been updated to the right format
  3. are you currently on a PC looking at the forum

cheers, @jefe, they’ve only just joined so probably don’t know about it just yet, but ill help where i can

Also @jefe the bit you said about checking when last or if the the OP for the builds are around im gonna add in big bold text in the posts

  1. The links do work in the other thread
  2. I’m aware there’s an issue with old forum links and such; I’ve been reading a few threads before joining. I don’t understand how it’s that complicated of an issue, but I’m aware it exists.
  3. Yep, I’m on PC.

All fixed now


the complicated part is that we need to check the facts of the builds to make sure they are correct still with the patches since the were made and for some of them fleshing the build out so its of the proper format for the forum and explains why stuff is picked and used so people can understand the build that they are playing


A lot of it is inertia. The old forum stopped being supported only several months ago. Only a few of us know how to modify the URL to get the web archive version - but even then some links are dead ( or seem to be ). It’s actually very simple and more people are figuring it out as the months go on.

Porting an old thread is much more than cutting and pasting. There’s s lot to formatting that has to be done from scratch.

Also some of those builds are pre-patch so some of the information may no longer be valid. So a decision has to be made : don’t port it , port it as is , or port it with editorial comments.

I’m getting faster at it - last night’s one took me less than 2 hours. Not long, but that’s time I could have been playing or sleeping



i see a lot of Maya builds that don’t run cloud kill as they were made before it was good, so they just have 1 random point in Blight Phoenix.

and originally i ruled one of the builds out a lost, but upon digging around more and using different pathways in the archived pages i managed to find my way to it.

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I guess with Cloud Kill it’s a simple matter of putting in a comment indicating why it’s absent from the build. Everyone takes it nowadays.

Unf0rseen is still regarded by some as a waste of points, so no need to worry about that.

I think Shock and A!!! was buffed to the point of being useful ( I take it but didn’t play Gaige pre-patch ). Not sure if that deserves a comment. Maybe.

I’m not sure about Krieg’s skills and how relevant they’ll be.

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I wonder if you submit a build of your melee zero?


Working on the legendary gunblade next. Just posting this, so we don’t end up with 2 people fixing the same build


I gave pointers to Anderson before. I let him rephrase some stuff. I think bits of it were included in Altair’s guide also


the dahl professional is done

finished El Casi Chignon just need to wait to make the thread


Just in case anyone is looking at porting any of these, I have Altair’s almost done ( half the port is at work, half at home :smile: ). Then I’ll get going on the enigmatically titled “Melee/Utility” build ( by VII ) shortly thereafter.

Edit : got the latter done :


Awesome I’ll do some updates to lists and look at that build later when I get home from work