Old God drop rate

People who have found Old god after DLC 4 - where did you loot it? I have been farming Amach and Grawn who pre-DLC 4 had decent drop rates of OG, but now im up to ~70-80 runs on Amach and ~90 on Grawn, all in M10 and not a single drop. It is a world drop so i figure maybe they changed the drop rates and made it drop more frequently on something else? I have never looted it from any other source than these two but post-DLC 4 it seems they dont have increased chance of dropping it either… And Amach is a real pain at M10 imo…

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I’ve gotten a few Old Gods from Grawn this past week (two yesterday). Seemed like a ~10% drop rate. M10 as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as a world drop.

Maybe you won the BL3 anti-lottery?

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Interesting… Yes it would seem so. Everything else seems to drop “like normal” for me so i guess its just a very very bad luck streak with the OG. If it’s indeed 10% chance than it’s about 99.999992% chance to loot at least one in 155 runs :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the answer.

@strykjarnet86 I have only ever gotten a few Old Gods, and mine have always dropped from Amach. I have never gotten it to drop from EG. This shield is a relatively rare drop (compared to other dedicated drops from GLT) in my experience.

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I got 5 in about an hour or so from E. Grawn and 1 from just doing a couple of drive-by kills of Amach one day.
Then on another day I got 1 in an hour from Grawn. Seems the same as before to me. It’s world drop only so you can just get really unlucky with it.

I have never, ever seen one from anything other than E.G. or Amach. I farmed Tom and Xam for hours on 2 different days with zero old gods. Tried Kratch for an hour or so with no luck. Never seen one drop from Kritchy while farming for numerous Clairvoyances.

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I got a shock OG from ~30 kills on Amach. After dlc4 patch, I get a LOT of Non-Moze coms & annointments (while I am using Moze). Not sure it is worth it to farm such a rare drop + right element + right annointment.
I was actually farming for an Unseen Threat so the lack of OG’s didn’t bother me.

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I’ve kept farming Amach, totaling about 130+90 runs (Amach/Grawn) and still no OG. If the drop rate is 1% instead of 10% i would’ve had 89% chance of looting one in 220 runs. Though i have looted atleast 40 Unseen threat and actually a trophy i didnt have before :partying_face:


I got one from Amach today. It has Radiation resistance. If you play on PC, I can give it to you.

Thank you for that but i got one (and with correct element to lol) at run ~265 i think :smiley:

Try farming the two annointed twins (the ones on the last dlc 2 map at the fast travel in the middle of the map). Then, after killing one (not both) fast travel to the fast travel machine and kill one again.

I’ve only gotten two old gods after about 3 hours of farming, and both of those bosses completely sucked dick to farm. I think this is the fastest method, so at least try this method and see if it works for you! At the very least you’ll get more world drops.