Old god shield elemental AS anointments

Do they exist on Xbox? Never have seen one although I farmed several of them and gotten other anointments but not elemental AS.

afaik there are no exceptions for anointments :wink: it’s RNG

I have yet to see one. IMO this shield is way too rare. They need to increase the drop rate.

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who drops that?

Amach in Cursehaven and the boss at the end of Negul Nashai seem to be the best sources.


I mean do you have one or know someone who has one?

i have the shield (have to look what anointment if any) but it should exist :wink:

i was farming for a 100% cryo soulrender and i actualy didn’t see the anointment on anything for a day or 2 :sweat_smile:

keep farming, it will drop eventualy (RNGezus can be a ■■■■■ at times haha) if you’re on PC i can keep an eye out for you :wink:

I have 2. One with rad ASE and the other with incendiary ASE, so they do exist. I love them.

I’m on PC though…

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I have three

Yes, they exist on PC. What he’s asking is if anyone has one on Xbox.

I’ve found 7-8 anointed ones but none with an ASE 50% elemental dmg anoint.

I’ve farmed Tom/Xom for many hours trying to get an anointed Old God. Not only is the shield an incredibly rare drop, but I never even got one that is anointed. I have a rad, fire, and corrosive version, again no anoints. I just want a shock with shock ASE and fire with fire ASE.

Try farming the Empowered Grawn at the end of Negul Neshai. It’s a bit of a haul to get there but it’s not too bad with a Snowdrift. He’s a quick kill with a Lob and seems to drop the Old God a bit more.

I’ve also been told that Amach in Cankerwood drops it but I have yet to get one from him.

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Yup, farmed the Empowered Grawn in Negul Neshai another 2 hours and he dropped a lot of Old God shields even some with anointments but not with ASE elemental.

I’m pretty sure they’re just not obtainable on Xbox. I mean, I’ve played this game long enough to notice when some anointments just don’t drop.

I’ll give it a try but so far I’ve only gotten them from Tom/Xom.

I’ve gotten one from him. I only farmed him like 5 times yesterday before I had to do other things, but he does drop it. He also drops a lot of other crap. Might be better to farm him on M1 if going for dedicated drop.

I’ve been farming it recently, I’ve dropped at least 10 annointed (I don’t pick up not annointed) and none are ASE element. I’ve got ASE cooldown though.

Yea, I got an anointed Old God from Amach last night. It wasn’t ASE 50% though.

One additional thing about Amach, there’s a chest upstairs from where he spawns and I just got a Dastardly Cocky Bastard ASE 100% damage from it. This is one of the guns that can only be found in chests.

I might try the other mob suggested to farm for Old God, though. Amach barely spawns it seems. Took me 10 tries to get him to spawn once and then he didn’t even drop a legendary much less the shield.

I’m farming empowered Grawn. He does drop the shield a bit, and annoint chance isn’t bad. I’m just trying to get a perfect roll on it. Pain is he’s right at the end of the map, and there’s only 1 fast travel right at the start so have to travel whole map to get there, so once you’re there you kinda have to plant yourself there to make it worthwhile

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Amach spawns every time on Xbox. He also seems to drop the Old God as often as the Empowered Grawn.