Old Guardian boss fight glitch

I was playing a 5 person campaign mission and we were rushing it, got to the boss real quick but when the Old Guardian jumped to the platform to recharge itself we broke the shards before it could even reach them. When it landed it didn’t do anything. Stood still until we realized we had to give up and waste all the lives we had left by jumping off since it wouldn’t attack us.

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Dunno if I was with you last night or not, but yeah, exactly this. We had destroyed the minion spawn points before that particular phase. He just stood there in his shield wondering what to do next.

This also happened to me solo in The Algorithm. Blew up the spawn points before the big boss showed up and he never really triggered had to quit that one too.

you can also wait 5 minutes, the shield is not eternal. happend to us two days go, we were thinking on quitting and the shield just went down. i think there’s a timer and if some objectives don’t change, they auto complete. dunno. you only lose 5 minutes if you try it. better those 5 minutes than 20 of playing the level again.

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Good to know. I suppose we never really just stood around for 5 minutes. Everyone was trying something to no avail. It it happens again I’ll give that a shot.

it also happened to us on the saboteour, a thrall got stuck into the floor and nobody could shot him. we were also thinking on restarting the level, but then the next wave was on. im guessing it’s a similar case.

Had something similar happen during ‘The Sentinel.’ A buddy and I were running it together and when we got on the elevator, it stalled where it was supposed to and we killed the first wave of the ambush, and the second wave never came. We could see on the map that they’d spawned, they just weren’t moving. After about 5 minutes the objective completed itself and let us move on. Also during the same run, the final boss jumped off into space and stood there on nothing for a while before coming back, but it didn’t effect the fight at all. Both on PS4.

I noticed that this can happen if you build any buildables around the elevator, since they draw the enemies aggro and you are already too far away from their spawning point. Not 100% sure, just guessing since this has only happened when there was a turret built up there.

I don’t think there were any turrets up there. I know I personally didn’t build any, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t either. I’d think if that had been the case they’d have gone off to attack the turret at least. As it happened, they just froze where they spawned.

Also very probable that they just froze. A lot of mobs seem to do that. Even bosses. Some even become invulnerable! (I had an immortal varelsi Hunter frozen in place during the fight with Rendain. It decided to start moving again at the worst moment, too…)

A frustrating bug but hopefully it’s being looked into. Though I’m not sure if they even know of this?

I’m not quite sure what causes it, maybe a problem with pathfinding? Boldur seems to have some problems in The Experiment too…

Yeah. Same guy and I had an invulnerable M1 Rocketeer in ‘The Archive.’ Another instance where the game just moved on to the next wave after a few minutes of us messing with it. The bot just froze and all of our shots went through it and we could walk through it and everything. I’m at least glad the game manages to correct itself somehow.

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Most of the time, not always though :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve accidentally broken this fight before using Reyna’s shield to push him as he was trying to go to the shards, I was trying to knock him off the cliff to see what would happen but he didn’t get knocked far enough but got stuck in a animation loop of the same step forward without moving.

Here is where I actually thought to take a screenshot when The Old Guardian on The Sentinel first glitched for me.

We waited almost 10 minutes and nothing happened, no auto-shield disable etc…

We destroyed the shards on the second platform and he was getting ready to throw his spear and summon the fire swarmers but froze, invulnerable.

Last night I was playing and he got stuck on the edge of the first platform and would only spin around.

I really wish these bosses could take the 1 dmg through their shields like the MX Elites also…