Old Hyperion Matching Parts Bug

@jeffybug, @JoeKGBX or anyone who can alert the Dev team.

On All consoles, I’ve noticed a couple of bugs with the Old Hyperion Weaponry, and I would like to draw attention to them.

Bug #1: Old Hyperion Weapons Not Receiving the “Manufacturer Bonus”
A while ago there was a debacle conerning Old Hyperion weapons and Matching bonuses, where Old Hyperion weaponry weren’t receiving the matching manufacturer bonuses. I would like to clarify the bug.

Here are some comparisons (Credit to @DemoniteBL for helping me with pictures and sleuthing)

Hyperion Grip

Non-Hyperion Grip

Normally, when you match the grip to the manufacturer you get a bonus to Reload Speed and/or Magazine Size. As you can see, the Hyperion Gripped Old Hyperion Sniper gets neither.

This is also true for the Matching Barrel Bonus:

This is a New Hyperion Comparison (As you can see the “Matching Barrel” Bonus Boosts the Damage so these two snipers have more or less identical damage).




Now for the same comparison with Old Hyperion Snipers (As you can see, there is a Much larger Difference (both in actual damage and percentage-wise)




Now for the wierd part. This isn’t actually true for ALL Old Hyperion Weaponry. Old Hyperion Lasers Actually DO get Matching Manufacturer bonuses!

Maliwan Grip

Hyperion Grip (Note the Increase In Mag Size and Reload Speed)

As you can see, given these inconsistencies I feel that I’m right to assume that this is a bug that was unintended.

I have tried submitting tickets about in game issues in the past but its more of a Customer Service line dealing with user issues, so I decided to post it here to hopefully get the right people’s attention. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, and I look forward to seeing a response.


I want to reiterate that this is still an issue on XB360. (Can’t Confirm on PS3 PS4 and BONE).

Old Hyperion weaponry still do not benefit from matching barrels and grips on console.

@jeffybug @JoeKGBX (These guys are all I know sorry, if there’s someone more pertinent I can address let me know). Is this issue known? Do I need to show anything else?

There were some errors with the comparisons beforehand, I’ve revised the OP to make it as clear as possible.

I also want to add this bug also negatively impacts Unique/Legendary Old Hyperion Weapons, including the Omni-Cannon and the Cheat Code.

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This is kinda sad. It was great to see an entire new class of guns with the Hyperion Gimmick but with a different emphasis on power/speed ratio. Sadly, getting “good parts” with them is not a thing, so they fall behind for anyone who like to min-max

Hey I mean Old Hyperion Lasers are still a thing. I haven’t really tested them, but now, knowing they’re the only ones that work rn, might as well test their metal. (I can probably say off the bat that probably only that the Purple Railguns are better than the new variants, but hey with Jack and his ridiculous accuracy boosts maybe the rest of them are pretty good)

I’m inclined to think old hyperion beams will be good.

I made a video about these bugs and I’m probably going to upload it soon. Should I link it here?

Yeah I’ll link it in the OP

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