Old idea revived its been a while. borderlands 20

(Windgardion) #1

had old idea like when borderlands 2 first came out and been working on it an doff and on and well life go tbusy but got back on it and ye krieg still giving trouble etrying to convert his talen trees to d20 as beast as can lol

but has pdf of bare bones basic of stuff.
has demo adventure as well some where but in d20 lore new u stations are canon and more less flash cloneing or teleporting you away before killing blow type thing like a panic button and DNA code is stored to regrow wounds when you beam back in some where. of course their are points when respawn or revive is not available like in enemy bases or so on. so dead is dead re roll character BUT the reviving is more less getting beamed out of danger and it will cost money and if no money well no beam or so on and If in enemy or unfriendly it costs more depending on danger level.