Old Man Cranky: A Comment

So I just got it. Now, you can get Worthy of Song and Right Behind You through exceptional skill. Angel of Death through time and exceptional skill and effort.
But there are two ways to get Old Man Cranky. Through the failure of the matchmaking system, or because you and four buddies saw an opportunity to take advantage of a failure of the matchmaking system. There’s no skill there. It’s unredeemable. It might as well read “I willingly took advantage of noobs.” And, to be honest, I’m slightly disappointed that Gearbox included it at all.
I’ve made efforts to never brutally stomp the enemy. And yet I succumbed. For the thrill of the title. Against players generally under 20. And I’m sick.
Yet I will wear it. Not as a badge of honor. But as a sign of my weakness. A sign of my shame. For everyone with this title should feel ashamed of themselves and their actions…


Also btw because it’s a great title with a cool icon.
But still. You. Me. Dirt. Trigonometry. Shame


I’ve gotten it three times now.

First time was bad matchmaking where we played total noobs, but we didn’t spawn camp, we just defended the points we had and pushed them away. It was relatively gentle.

Second time I was duo queued and ended up with three strong players who were clearly capture vets. The enemy team had three low levels and 2 100s, but after we got the first three points and wiped them it was spawn camping for the remainder of the match (pretty gross).

Third one was EXTREMELY pacifist. We were going for the shock therapy (team mated) title and after getting the first three points the enemy team scarcely even tried to take one. They just kept instigating fights in mid. We got it due to their unwillingness to play objective.

Anyways, it’s a bad idea for a title and can’t conceivably be won in a fair match.


When I got it it was a 3v5. Two of my enemies disconnected at the beginning and we just controlled the points. I held B with Boldur, a friend held C with Alani, but never even saw an opponent, while the other three on my team fought the three enemies at A. Whenever someone came to B I would hold them off until help arrived.

Wasn’t necessarily that brutal but it wasn’t exactly that nice either.

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I got it in one silly stupid drunken capture map with my 4 main early Battleborn buds about 2 weeks after release.

One member of our team actually just stayed in the spawn room for the last 5 minutes as we dishonourably spawn camped these poor guys.


Interesting. Legitimate. I mean, not great if three of you could hold of an entire team, it not despicable

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He’s not exaggerating either - I played pacifist Attikus and used only quick melee to chase them off pads!


And @EdenSophia ended the game at level 2.

Hardly a stomp lol.


Thats… almost worrying that you got Old Man Cranky with that strategy. Not one of them tried as normal?
(Glad they’re implementing a tutorial soon)

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They were confused because we took all three pads simultaneously (I pounced to the far side of the map to secure the one nearest their spawn - idea was to get Team Mated). And then we all guarded the points while they, with no coordination, kept moving as singles or doubles.

I was the only one playing strict pacifist, though. I did end up with 2 assists after the people I slapped off my pad ran away and died elsewhere :cry:

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Lol. What’s team mated again? I can’t seem to remember

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I think it might be win a Capture while your team controls all 3 points?

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Be the first team to secure all three points in the first 60 seconds. It’s not too easy to do, as you have to split your team three-ways, so you’re weak on every point.


And generally there’ll be 3-4 enemies going for the point closest their spawn straight out of the gate.


Omg im never guna get team mated lmfao

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I finally managed to get OMC the other week, me in a premade 5 against a group of random people with command ranks less than 10. We had an Earnest camp a sector, a Kleese with another. The thing is, we only had to kill 2 of them since they charged at us, after that they were scared to pass their base barrier. We got it and felt no shame since we didn’t have to stomp them.


Personally I DGaS about titles (and taunts, and skins…well, maybe some stylish grey/yellow-violet preferences ;)). And actually I stick to ‘Aggressor’ as it describes my play style not some “achievement”.
I wouldn’t go a s afar as being sick about pwning noobs though. I mean “there was a time”, but once I got 100s team vs some 20s and below, and I proposed a group quit so we could avoid stomping aso. But someone argrued “they won’t learn anything that way”. And that makes perfect sense, so I don’t really experience any sickness when matched against say CR 9. Gotta live it up.

Ofc if I’d get my hands on global chat I could give a rookies some drill -then it’d be more productive- as Ernest’s my main now…or I could just send’em

ye’know, to cheer em up.

Believe me, when you get stomped, you for sure don’t learn anything. There’s just nothing you can do when your enemy is higher level and more coordinated. Well you do learn that matchmaking can ruin your game




Usually yes.

Once you win the first fights over the points it usually game over as well. Everyone’s level 2 they are only lvl 1. On top of that you are playing characters that they don’t even know how to deal with like Melka (slide #1).

If you didn’t get it when the game launched you can easily get it now.