Old man needs help

I’m 46 live in the country with no internet but I am a huge Borderlands fan. I took my PS4 to a friend’s house and used his internet to update my game. I have the Super Deluxe Edition.
Afterwards I noticed that I had the Halloween event , basically all the stuff the Dinosaur has you do. BUT my sound is now garbage when I do any missions. It keeps stuttering and lagging and it at times sounds like a record player at low speed. How can I fix this? I’m playing with a level 28 Amara.

At the main menu can you disable the Event and see how the game performs. I remember when the Halloween event first was released it caused a lot of issues and crashes on people’s systems, and this could be a manifestation of that same issue from the past, related to how the events work with their spawns.

I tried that. It first started on the Cartel quest then was even worse on the Halloween and Valentines day one. I disabled the events and everything was fine until I did the Athenas “Get back that snot Avas stuff back” quest. When there are alot of high level enemies with my shock infused Amara the sound goes to garbage. It sounds like a slow record player plus the graphics start glitching. The voices are skipping as well. When I’m on Sanctuary everything is fine. :disappointed:

It’s nearly unplayable :frowning:

I have similar issues with the audio from time to time. Closing out of the game entirely and relaunching usually fixes it

This always happens to me on eden 6, it seemed to have cleared up a bit since then but now those audio snippets play throughout my endgame when I visit those particular maps

Nothing to add to the suggestions from others. However, given that there are people on these forums still playing Borderlands into their 80s, I wanted to reassure you that you’re not an old man yet.