Old Man(x3) Takes on Wotan (Mh4)

So I wanted to share my first Wotan victory on M4 with the Zane community. Not because it’s anything special, definitely not. It’s a long kill, full of mistakes, several heated moments including a couple super sweaty FFYL. But it’s my victory and I got it by being determined!

I want to show that an old man with average mechanical skill can still take on this goliath of an invincible. I post this video as encouragement. I use no silly tricks, no gimmicks, no cheap moves. We don’t even use meta build (no CCC). You don’t need to be a pro-gamer like some of the Zane’s around here, you don’t need a perfect build, and you most definitely don’t need gimmicks. You need resolve, and that is it!

I initially came in here this day to test a build I was messing with. It handled the mobbing sections quite well and I just kind of got caught up wanting to beat Wotan so I stayed in here for a long time. There is no sound and that’s because after you die enough times the game bugs out and you lose sound! It was 3:30-4am+ by the time I managed this victory.

Without further delay- Here is my messy long Wotan kill


Cool post…

I really hope GB keep the option of soloing 4 player raid content…

And just give people the option to scale, if they want…

Yes I agree. It was pretty important to me personally that I beat Wotan as is before they mess with the scaling. I’m very excited to have managed it in time.

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My favorite part so far is at about 4:40 where you take a moment, while being shot at, to examine a legendary drop. :rofl:


Interesting Cutsman and Dictator…

Might have to try out an Otto Idol, is that manly for 18% health boast to combat one-shot? Or other perks?

The main choices behind the relic were that it was a Snowdrift and it had Action Skill Cooldown. The Otto Idol is a happy coincidence. Not really needed since I already get life steal if I get a kill (kill skills) and it’s more then enough usually. But it did actually save me once when my clone’s nade got a kill and I was very low on health.

Yeah I wondered if you had a perk for all the sliding…, was it weighted more towards defensive than offensive?

My strategy here is focused almost entirely on not dying. That’s why I take the time to kill most of the adds because when there is too much going on, I tend to lose focus and get wrecked. Doing damage to Wotan is the easy part, avoiding getting 1 shot or overwhelmed by adds is the tricky part imo.

The sliding just really is to avoid Wotans lasers of death during Barrier downtime.

I’ve actually learned a lot where I can make improvements by rewatching my video. I’m confident next time I’m going to do this much quicker. For one example I wasted a lot of time killing spheres before I realized they would just make more, that’s when I decided to just kill the Strikers instead (they can ruin your day quick).


Congratulations man! I bet the feeling is great :smiley:

I’m still not quite there. Handling M4 in general just fine, farming everything i can, but my luck with annointments is horrible.

Using Maggie, Brainstormer, it’s piss and transformer. But all unannointed :frowning:

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If you are on PC I have anointed versions of the weapons you have listed and it would be my honor to share them with you. It’s Christmas time and I’m all about spreading some Christmas cheer and wrecking face in MT is pretty darn cheerful! :grin:


I AM actually on PC, so if you’re serious, that’d be awesome.

Gamertag is Einherjer7

Adding you.


I’m working currently but most of what I have @kabflash does so he may get to you before I do.

if you guys find one with jacobs crit roll and preferably shotgun or pistol dmg toss one over guys.

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