Old Modder revisiting HWRM

Hi, I experimented with modding HWRM before they updated a broke most mods amd im trying to update my mod to work again.

I only need a starter to get my head around how the new system works and then ill be able to take it from there.

My mod is centred around researching new tech and gaining improved weapons.

Ive followed the Karos tutorials on adding the plasma bombs to the hig interceptor but when i finish the research in game they dont fire the plasma bombs and continue with normal guns. I get no crashes and my new tech appears in game so Ive got my command line right.

Can anyone give me a quick run through of the correct method? I must have missed something.



Welcome back!

My guess that it’s point 5 from this link:

The weapon that gets used before the research should be set to ‘Normal Only’ and the weapon after the research is done should be set to ‘Special Attack’

That’s great! I can’t believe I missed that!

Do you know how to restrict research in the campaign?

I can see in the level LUAs where I need to Un-restrict as the story develops it but it appears anyway.
There must be a master restrict all line somewhere but I can’t find it.


I haven’t really messed with the single player game, but the research for MP and skirmish is set in the game rules and data/scripts/races/RACENAME/deathmatch/props/gbx.lua

I think for single player they might all be blocked until the level grants them?

I think the best advice I ever got for modding HW is to use Notepad++ instead of the windows editor. There’s a function ‘search/find in files’ that let’s you search INTO the lua files so you can find out how things work a lot faster.

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@Captain_Freedom you, good sir, are an absolute legend!

I was using Notepad++ but I had no idea about the find in files option.
After noticing the HW2_SetResearch line at the start of the level files, I used the search function and came across Data\scripts\scar\scar_util.lua where it outlines which level each research is granted upon

My Mod Lives!!!

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No problem, man. Happy to help out!

I’m jealous - I want to do some modding too, but stupid real life is kinda screwing that up right now.