[Old] Top Gear for Claptrap

The guide has been taken over by Hoyle4.

This was originally started by ThatOneGuy23 and Wingsday. Unfortunately neither were able to continue it, so I picked it up. It’s not full because I haven’t tested every piece of gear and I was hoping to get your opinions on what should and shouldn’t be there. This list isn’t definitive, it’s just a guide and will change as I get feedback. Thanks.

Why the sidewinder prefix on the quad ? Something I’m not aware of ? Is a mag size of 7 instead of 6 really that big of a difference to not use a Doc’s ?

Nope. It’s because I’m used to the casual prefix on Torgue shotguns. So what’s the best for Jakobs? Docs?

Rustler is the equivalent of casual on Jakobs, sidewinder is the mag size accessory. Doc’s is the best for quads IMO.

Changed. Thanks Chuck.

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I will scoop out your eyeballs with a spoon

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Hey, you’re the one who abandoned this. :stuck_out_tongue:

(whispering) it’s because you spelled his name wrong…

That’s what happens when you have a number in your name, Chuck77. :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Chuck” was already taken :disappointed:

The Zim can drop from the Giant Shuggarath at the end of Nina’s “Bunch of Ice Holes” mission.

Thanks. I copy/pasted most of this from TOG’s thread and he didn’t list a source. I’ve updated the OP.

for Sniper’s , I switch between the pitchfork and the Skullsmasher, other then the pitchfork, I haven’t used many of the Snipers that have Burst fire as I consider it a waste of ammo because of recoil. There are a couple of Purple Snipers that are good also , just cannot think of their names

I’ll add those later. I should also add Maliwan Sniders. Maliwan is the king of elemental damage and their snipers are the best in the business. It’s a shame we don’t have the Pimpernel. :frowning:

For sniper purists nothing beats The Plunkett with OLT,
second best imo is Cryo Maliwan Snider with CC and/or right subroutine/Tripleclocked.
Here is some Plunkett gameplay with my DPTY-TP build.


Best parts: Jakobs grip, Dahl stock, Hiyu? (mag size prefix for mag size 8 and max OLT bonus).

For Coach Gun you can use this video if you feel like:


Jakobs grip on Coach Gun for mag size 4, if speced to CC first shot will get decent bonus explosive damage while second shot with mag size 4 and 11/5 in OLT will get around 560% damage boost. For prefix i like Docs, but others should do fine as well.

Best parts for the Moonface:
Jakobs grip, not Torgue.

@Exotek does your Deputy build still works in UVHM level 60 ?

Right. It’s not explosive, so the Jakobs grip would do more damage?

Edit: I’ll be updating this in the next few days, so keep those suggestions coming. :smile:

It has explosive splash yes, but it’s Jakobs brand, so it gets the matching grip bonus with a Jakobs grip.

Right. I thought it was Torgue, hence the reason for the grip. I’ll go ahead and get that changed before I forget. :blush: