Old-U multiple button presses

This has been bugging me for a while, and just wanted to see what other’s experience was.

When I take a knee with the Clone up, I of course immediately want to use Old-U to get back up.

However, for me, it usually takes multiple button presses to get it to activate. I’m in a panic frantically hitting the left bumper 3-7 times before Old-U actually swaps and revives me.

Anyone else experience this seeming delay in activating old u?

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For me it takes some time as well, usually if you’re able to shoot, you’re able to get up with old-u as well.

yes this is super irritating there is always a delay in which pressing frantically the button does nothing, and of course clone can expire or be killed during this delay.


I have made two tickets on the issue since start and both were closed by 2k.

I guess that means it’s expected behavior. Must be something I’m missing about the mechanic, I’ve had to push the button 7-8 times, with my VH in gun firing mode in FFYL, until it triggered.