Old U responsiveness

Man more than half the time when i am down and clone is up i keep pressing my AC button and he won’t die for my second wind.

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It has a few issues with responsiveness, sometimes it works instantly and sometimes you have to spam it.

When the clone’s HP was lower I’d constantly find myself desperately trying to spam it before the cloned died.

With the recent buff I have no issues with Old-U since the clone is tanky enough to take some hits.

Its very clunky. All of digiclone is - swapping and deploying.

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In tvhm m3 the clone can still be in danger when you go down in situations with multiple annoited , bad asses, zealots, and especially dangerous are shotgun tinks with their homing nades. I find that solo, the clone can get annihilated with 3-4 of these out and in its face. Reposioning so it’s only taking a few is key. I’ve done some preliminary testing and the infinity pistols are more viable for self use and after all the nerfs homing rocket launchers are now king.

was testing earlier, I don’t have a good infinity, but it’s pretty good for many reasons.

I also have noticed that Hardened COV are the most difficult enemies for me as Zane, as he has no real good way to tear through armor.

I can fight 4 anointeds at the same time offline, but online 1 or 2 hardened badasses can easily end a run

I’ve gone to facepunching the clone with a cutpurse artifact. Now I use fire scourges. Pretty good almost always.