Old Vault hunter looking for help! Returning to Pandora!

Well Guys and Gals I am back after 3 years. I was stoked to see this great game come to next gen and that you could import your old characters. Then I learned you need a cloud save from your old 360 that I had traded in when I bought my Xbox One :weary: So the call goes out to this great community!! I remember how helpful you all were years ago with weapons and trading so I am before you now asking for help! Anyone that can help me level or wants to donate weapons feel free! My GT if Fireguyfrank58 and I am freaking stoked to be back in the community!

Ill help you out I know the feeling did the EXACT same thing… lol on the Brightside you get to keep your GOLDEN KEYS! gt bass2007. Ill be on later to do some more work on TVHM. Add me with a message saying something about Borderlands.

same here added you GT= mikesavelkoul