Older casual gamers for story missions

Looking for older casual gamers to join others in playing some story missions to unwind at the end of the day? Have you had to step away suddenly from a game to help your child who has woken up, or change a diaper, or get that one last load of laundry going? Does Samuel L. Jackson reading Go the #$%^ To Sleep regularly run through your mind as you wish that your precious little angels would do that very same thing? Been there, done that, have the poopsplosion stained clothes as a trophy. After you’ve hustled the day away trying to prevent your house from erupting into a spontaneous dumpster fire of dirty dishes, toy strewn floors, and never-ending piles of clothes needing washing, we’re here to save Solas with you. Our erstwhile trio of Battleborn are usually on sometime after 9 PM CDT/CST as responsibilities and whims allow.

Gamertag: Wikirira

Updated my gamertag because I’m a bonehead. :slight_smile:

What system do you play on


Add me TheBloodOfSins need some friends to play with

Are you planning to play normal or advanced? I’ll pay eithet way, but I’m trying to knock some of the advanced levels out of the way furst, though. GT is Ice Cold Jay D

Cool. Casual gamer here to. Full time job and kids
Xbox tag is-Robelin. Or I can add you later when Im on.

GT Aggroskull would love to play

My wife will typically be hosting when we play. Her GT is Hadjare

GT: AxelScar

Casual gamer here too add Gomersaurus

On almost every night. GT: TheBloodOfSins

We’ve added a number of you as friends to play. With 40-60 minute stories, time being a premium, and our variable start times in the evening, if you finish a mission and are looking for people to join you for the next one, please don’t hesitate to invite us (Wikirira or Hadjare) to join you, even if we are in the middle of the story. Typically it’s just the two of us and we’re happy to drop out of our mission to join others.