'Ol'Painful' Weapon Review!

(Jak White) #1

Mercenary Day is here, and along with it another weapon to play around with:

This is a level 28 Ol’Painful which can be obtained from the new miniboss - Odjurymir, a Iwajira replacement.

It seems that the Ol’Painful has either a 100% drop rate or a very high one, as I got it first try, and first try again, but with a different character.

Without further ado, the stats of a level 28 variant (because it was gotten in NVHM) are as followed:

The parts of the weapon seem to be fixed as the gun has no prefix on it.

Come on in… Ol’ Painful is waiting. - All bullet shots are lasers, but still consume assault rifle ammo.


Now, despite how awesome this gun sounds, on NVHM it’s not that great as damage is around 130, with DoT with about 33:

(Difficult to see, but trust me it’s 131.)

The vladof barrel makes the fire rate insanely fast, meaning you’ll run through your ammo fast, especially because of that high mag.

Stock up on Assault Rifle SDUs if you haven’t already.

Overall, this assault rifle is very hit or miss, but it can still deal pretty decent damage for the level this one is at and because its got a pretty high drop rate, we’ll let this slide. The Ol’Painful is recommended for any player but not for a long time, don’t store this in one of your 4 arsenal slots for a long time, a few levels at most.


The parts are fixed but it can spawn with a prefix. I have a Rabid Ol-Painfull. That firerate :smiley:

The droprate isn’t 100% but it’s very high I got 2 of them in about 5 runs.

(Jak White) #3

Thanks for clearing that up @Iamsosmrt :blush:

(Shining Moonlight Nova) #4

I don’t think so, the variant I got has worse Fire Rate, Reload Speed and Magazine Size than the example here without an accessory.

(Where's lucky?) #5

It is better than its blue counter part on almost every stat, damage, fire rate, accuracy, and magazine size

It also can have prefix and does not have locked parts.

here are level 60 guns to compare, all vladof parts and damage prefix

Ferocious Ol Painful
damage 3903
accuracy 87.9
fire rate 13.4
reload 2.7
magazine 78
burn dmg/sec 2435.9
ignite 6%

Ferocious Spingun
damage 3793
accuracy 87.3
fire rate 11.3
reload 2.7
magazine 54
burn dmg/sec 2435.9
ignite 6%
fire rate 13.4

Ferocious Shreddifier
damage 4429
accuracy 88.9
fire rate 13.4
reload 2.7
magazine 83
burn dmg/sec 2435.9
ignite 6%

OP also the damage numbers you show are kind of pointless, you are shooting on a shield and armor which resists fire, and you have skills and gear on.

(Jak White) #6

Thanks, that totally flew over my head. Next time, if there is a next time, i’ll put more time into reviews and be careful with things like skills. Really wish there was a dummy in Concordia or something, it would be much easier for pretty much anyone, but anyway thanks again for feedback. I’ll take everything into consideration.

(Sheriff) #7

Pafrts aren’t fixed, I got one with a Dahl grip and a blade, and a second one without accessory and a Jakobs grip.

For those who care, the best grip is the Jakobs one.
At so high a fire rate, it’s unlikely that the difference in fire rate will matter, especially on consoles, and the extra damage per bullet more than make up for the smaller mag versus the Vladof grip.

It looks like BlackHeart’s is a Jakobs grip version.


Can anyone offer their personal thoughts on the weapon? I’m thinking of picking one up and if it’s worth the effort to start up the game, I might just do that. Reason why I ask is because I’m currently in the middle of playing Dragon Age Inquisition and finding it hard to switch over to TPS at this point in time. Thanks in advance! :smile:

(Jak White) #9

It’s actually a pretty decent weapon, if you’re okay with Spiniguns then go right ahead. You might wanna pick up some Assault Rifle SDU’s though. Don’t use it for the whole game though, but it would be nice to get a new one each playthrough. And don’t bother fighting Odjurymir until you’re at least level 28, since he’s level 30 and it sounds like this is your first playthrough.


Thank you for the quick response. :smile:

I’ve actually got a couple of lvl 50s resting in Concordia, as I played TPS almost exclusively until mid November when Dragon Age Inquisition came out and now thinking of getting one of them quickly to lvl 60 to get a max level version.

More opinions are very welcome by the way!

(Rush86) #11

I think its a great weapon. It shreds through enemies with my athena.

(Amycv3) #12

I have both the Ol’ Painful and the Firestarta, and I think the Firestarta is superior in every way.
At least it is on my Athena. It builds Malestrom stacks like crazy, faster than the Ol’ Painful, that’s for sure.

(Johnrr6) #13

I think this thing is AWESOME!

Has to be a flesh enemy of course but WOW!

Faster fire rate REALLY helps it as well.

On Wilhelm with Overcharge or Suppression active it is a fire hose…literally.

Even shielded enemies…simply throw even a low level quasar or storm front to strip the shield then HOSE!

And it is a fairly easy gun to get and farm,