OM is way too strong

So I don’t get why people haven’t brought up OM being another Gali. He is too simplistic and dishes out way to much damage and it doesn’t take a lot of skill to be that effective. His napalm has a radius thats way to big for the amount of DPS it does and when he combos that with his Air strike its practically a guaranteed kill. Speaking of his air strike, what is the cool down for that anyway? It seems likes he doing it every 50 seconds which is insane. Sorry about the rant but he is just way too good, damage wise and its not like he’s a glass cannon.


That’s basically the point. He’s the generic, base character. He’s not unkillable or “OP” and has the best AoE in the game, which is a good thing for clearing minion waves and area denial. If he couldn’t cloak he’d be fodder for melee attackers. He’s perfect and so versatile that he has a place on any team.


Agree to disagree, he dishes out too much damage, there is no downfall to him, he needs to be more squishy or his damage needs to come down. He’s honestly a major problem right now.


Whiskey Foxtrot’s basic attack dps is higher than Oscar Mike’s.

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Yeah but he has high skill level. Mike doesn’t and still does way too much damage.

I feel he is an incredibly easy to use character and quite powerful to boot, but honestly he has counters… Foxtrot SHOULD have been a counter of his, but uhm… heh. Maybe next patch?


Just making the point that while Oscar Mike might seem to be the best at everything, he’s just not bad at most things- to the point where the character considered amongst the worst in the game can match him in some regards. The only thing OM really excels in is waveclear, which just makes him seem really powerful because that heavily influences the objective.

Also, while he’s not El Dragón tiers of squishy, he’s definitely still pretty easy to take down and not really mobile enough to do much about a melee popping up in his face apart from cloaking away and hoping his enemy can’t track him or didn’t use a dot skill.

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I main Oscar Mike, and I will agree that he is a little OP. I think that was intentional though. Like others have said, they wanted to make a simple, easy to use character who was nonetheless still effective. I would say that he does need to be a bit more squishy, although I’d bet the OMs you’ve gone up against have been augmenting with Health buffing gear. Its a must.

However, he can be countered. Slows, stuns, silences. That sounds obvious, but it does work. If a Kelvin stuns me and then a Rath or El Dragon come through, I’m screwed. A properly fed Shayne and Aurox can snag me and cause some major problems, and Melka with her Blade Launcher Ult. Also, a good Marquis or Toby can be the bane of my existence. But they’re also OP too, for other reasons. Also Galilea, but again, duh XD

His damage is average honestly. What makes him so much more simple than other characters? He has the same mechanics as every other character, just point and shoot. His kit is basic and easy to understand but not really OP.


No one’s bringing up that he is OP because general consensus is that he isn’t. His literal description is “Versatile. Pusher. Easy”. Great wave clear, and yeah, the incendiary grenade is awesome for that as well as harassing (pushing) the other team.

He has the easiest starting kit in the game, anyone who has played a shooter before will be pretty comfortable to start with and will only improve with mastery.

In any two matches, you will see the same character be excellent when played by one person and garbage when played by another. That’s just the nature of the beast with 25 available toons.

It essentially sounds as if you’ve only encountered good OM players. I’ve seen probably a 50/50 split.


My only gripe is airstrike.

Hits way too fast. There are many times you take 2-3 missles before you can reliably get out of the circle, thats 500-750 damage right there. That’s not even just on you either, on anyone in a VERY GENEROUS AoE.

Add in even just one bit of CC(Miko stun, Gal stun, Rath knockups etc etc) and you can wipe people in 2 seconds which in this game, is really fast.

I get it, don’t stand in the fire. Not always the case here and in these tiny ass maps the chokepoints are REAL. Not to mention OM can stealth in behind your guys and depoly napalm/airstrike right behind you and cut off the escape route.

He does too much damage for a hero that is childsplay easy to use and has a crutch get ouf of jail card that only a handful of BB’s can counter.


I feel like a lot of the OM players I encounter are using his stealth ineffectively. Most of them will move in with the rest of their team down a major lane and use cloak to run when at low health, the problem with this is that the cloak dose not make him completely invisible and it is easy for a ranged character to kill him while cloaked. I feel that is much more effective to use cloak just before you encounter the opposing team and move behind them and damage them from there.


Make the lesser characters good before you go trying to make the better characters bad.

OM has a good feel. His abilities are all useful, his damage is relevant in PvP and PvE, and he is still fair to kill if you’re using a decent character as an equally skilled player.

There are actually heaps of abilities that help reveal cloaked enemies, spread across many different characters, and AoE still hurts him in cloak.

He’s a fun, useful character. Please go complain about some of the other characters being way too weak, get them up to this same level of usefulness, and THEN you can argue that some of them need to be brought down a bit. Quite a few characters just aren’t viable to play, there’s no use nerfing yet another character into the realms of the useless benchwarmers.


Oscar mike is what you cal an “easy” tier character. As his listed difficulty suggests, he is easy to play. His maximum skill has less/equal potential than say, An advanced character.

It’s the same for rath vs pheobe. I personally think a good rath is op, but there aren’t a lot of good raths out there imo. Pheobe is a lot harder and way more complex, but can potentially do much more damage and get a ton of kills. Same goes for boldur vs ISIC. Boldur can be godlike, isic can do well too, but he takes less skill to learn, and he is often not as good.

Cooldown reductions, via gear from the way it sounds.

His Airstrike default CD is 60 seconds, you would know if you actually played as him.

Oscar can’t make himself invincible (invisible yes but not immune to damage), heal, block, curse, spin attack, shoot long range wave attacks, or has nice thighs. He’s not Gali.


I would like to resume this thread, my friend here is an above average player and he managed to go 30-0 with Oscar Mike, something he has NEVER achieved with any other character with that much ease. He’s a problem and people are just to blind to see that! Yeah I get he’s supposed to be easy to use but he shouldn’t be outputting that much damage. image

I could use the argument that I got 31 kills with Phoebe and 27 with Thorn but can’t replicate those stats with anyone else therefore those characters are OP.

Looking at those stats, the team kills aren’t high but there are a lot of assists, all that screenshot shows is that the OM player was good enough to land the last shot and finish the kill in most cases, that and his team was better than the enemy team. Now if this could be replicated consistently by a majority of players of varying skill levels, like Galilea and Ambra of old, then there would be reason to claim “OP” and take a look at how and why. He’s a jack of all trades master of none, it’s how you play him that defines his effectiveness not his effectiveness that defines how well you play, and that’s why he is not overpowered.

With 0 deaths? Proof? Most of his skills were just basically going behind enemy lines and killing them. And you are wrong his true potential is way to easy to reach. His effectiveness needs to be brought down. No character in the game should be able to be so damaging with such ease.

Not with 0 deaths, 23 killstreak both times. I can take a screenshot if you really insist.

Several characters have much higher DPS or better ults than OM. El Dragon and Rath can kill a level 10 Montana from full health with their ults, Mellka deals heavy DoT with ease just by reloading, Thorn players often deal highest damage in matches, Orendi can spam Shadowfire Pillar… There are lots of examples to argue against OM being “OP”, and little evidence to suggest that he is including the screenshot you shared.

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