OM is way too strong

Such as? Most of the time Oscar Mike is always first when it comes to damage dealt. His U=ultimate is easily one of the best ones and is only 52 seconds. [quote=“Slif_One, post:20, topic:1463281”]
El Dragon and Rath can kill a level 10 Montana from full health with their ults

Yeah, but unlike them Oscar Mike is not so squishy. [quote=“Slif_One, post:20, topic:1463281”]
. There are lots of examples to argue against OM being “OP”, and little evidence to suggest that he is including the screenshot you shared.

Not really none of those examples are as good as OM abilities. You are probably just an OM main and don’t want your precious character brought down.

Now that’s just getting personal, there’s no need for that. Can’t we just agree to disagree in a civil manner?
But if you must know, I main Phoebe and Thorn. If you really don’t believe me, you can find a lot of my posts relating to those two on these here forums including build guides, screenshots and videos.

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Phoebe, El Dragon, Thorn, Rath, Orendi.

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None of those have that short of a cool down.

Rath’s is shorter.


Ults are typically not super great to argue op for a character anyways, since oftentimes they won’t have access to them for half or more of a match unless they play exceptionally well without the ult.

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I agree for the most part with one exception; Rath. Dreadwind is more often than not instant death, I’ve seen many a Rath with 0 kills just feeding until level 5 then kill everything. One memorable instance was a Rath player at 0-6 before level 5 then a 10 kill (Dreadwind) streak, he finished 11-7. Most other offensive ults are finishers, Rath’s is an initiator and finisher in just 4 seconds. Sure you can argue that there are ways to avoid or counter it, but when he opens with a double CC silence/knock up and juggles, only a select few Battleborn can survive that awful attack.

The only thing that’s wrong with Dreadwind right now imo is the juggle on it, but that’s an argument for a different thread.


May I intervene with evidence?

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I am a firm believer in player skill > charachter abilities.


As far as I’m cornered, just about every single character is “OP” in the right hands. Besides Whiskey Foxtrot, just not strong enough even with a high end player.

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I’m kinda glad you’re on XB1, so I’m never matched against you on ps4 :sweat_smile:

My phone screen is too small so I can’t clearly see those screenshots, I’m going to assume you got lots of kills and few deaths?

Thorn: 37-1 OM: 26-0 Benidict: 30-0

Whiskey can 100-0 a lot of squishes very fast. Best I’ve done is 15-0. I don’t play him much as I’d like though

Impressive stuff, it’s very rare to see such a good Benedict player. My best with Thorn is 27-1, Phoebe 31-7. I play with a guy whose favourite is Benedict, he doesn’t play him much anymore but I’ve seen him go 30-0 a few times, frequently gets 20+ kills and 0 deaths with about six different characters. Come to the dark side (PS4) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m pretty good with any ranged charcter ( a few exceptions ) but completely trash with melee. After reading your pheobe guide I have been doing a lot better maining kelvin right now (5-ish k/d range, not too bad). Lol I would if I could afford it I swear only potatoes play here

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I’m quite the opposite lol, good with melee bad at range. Thorn being the exception, but her kit is ravenous.

I’ve gotten multiple kills and no deaths as Whiskey Foxtrot
Is he OP?

I’ve gotten the highest score in PvE as Caldarius, Mellka, Post-Nerf Gali, Benedict, Whiskey Foxtrot, Ghalt and Oscar Mike even when playing alongside Rank 100 players.

Are they all OP?

It’s 60 seconds…

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