OMC recruiting NOW. We don't take ourselves seriously

The Old Man Clan are now recruiting players aged 30+. PS4 gamers interested in joining a clan that is not like any other.

We don’t care about KD ratio or W/L stats we just like to drink and be merry.

Have a laugh with like minded people. Sometimes we like to kick **** but mostly it’s about the camaraderie.

This is a brotherhood. A fraternity of sorts if you like of old men, over 30 yrs (exception for current and ex military)

We have members in Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Wales, England and many more! If your someone that like’s to kick back, relax, shoot the ■■■■ and kill some trolls then maybe we’re for you.

Sometimes we just like to have a laugh in a private room(s) playing custom games.

We span the globe! 120 plus members, always someone online to game with.

So want to check out a different clan? Go to