Omega59's "Nightmare Fuel" Art Thread

In spirit of the new forums and the distinct lack of content in a lot of places, I have decided to make a little art thread myself, since I generally create things like GMod screenshots, MS Paint, or simple images in Photoshop for use as my own desktop wallpapers.

I really have no clue of how I want to name any of these (I’m open to suggestions), so I’ll just start out with a few of my favorites.

If this thread gets some attention, I’ll probably post more of my creations here.

And, here’s some more:

And here’s another one:

The reason that this image even exists is a funny little story. So, I have the prototype for Half-Life 2, and I was just looking around it, and I found an old version of the faceposing tool. I tried it out, and attempted to do serious faceposing with it, but it did anything but serious faceposing. So, a little MS Paint work later (About five minutes), and I created a stupid wallpaper. Fun.

I suppose I really should update this with a few new things.

And how could I forget this one?

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Heheheh, I wouldn’t say that the second one is nightmare fuel, though. I suppose I’ll put up a couple more, now.

Wow, very… what’s the word I’m looking for? Uh… Original! Yes, Original!

Is that Gordon Freeman with Teeth somehow outside his face? That sacrilege to some!

Yes, that is an HD model of Gordon Freeman. I was playing around with the faceposing on him, but it went horrendously wrong, so I decided to just make a screenshot out of it, in that classic sepia filter, as I think these “original” screenshots look best with it.

Picture number 2 is my favorite!

That one was really, really fun to make. Interesting, that one was taken while I still had my old video card, and is a bit over a year old, now. It feels like I’ve had this computer for ages, now.