Omen vs. Blockhead?

What are the pros and cons to each?

Thanks for bringing this one up mate, because I actually wanted to check what the running opinion on this was.

I like the Blockhead. Stacking as hell.
Never tried the Omen honestly.

The blockhead is a lot easier to use, there’s no required range

The Blockhead is easier to use at closer ranges but I would stay with the Omen incase they had similar dps since the limited spread makes long range shooting still possible. @BookEmDano might know more on this, if I recall correctly he uses the Omen aswell.

Not much else to add here. Omen hits harder and the payoff is bigger if you learn the range and oscillating pattern.

It also is important to note that the Blockhead is locked in fire while the Omen can be any of the four elements. The Blockhead is much easier to obtain as you only need to kill a badass creeper as opposed to The Ancient Dragons of Destruction, but it would theoretically take longer to get since the Blockhead has a 1 in 60 chance of dropping. The Dragons I believe are guaranteed to drop either the Omen or the Stinger on death.

Both work, Blockhead procs BB a lot more than omen does though.
That’s the major difference.

The Omen’s oscillating pattern generally comes into play when you’re specifically trying to get all the pellets to converge on some bandit’s melon. Blockhead doesn’t have this sort of crit potential because of it’s fixed pattern which is why I say the potential payoff is bigger with the Omen. You can either play it safe or go big and that’s what makes the Omen my favorite shotgun in the game. My preference is to just aim center mass and get more pellets on target. The top pellet typically crits while the others are body shots.

Or the Blockade.
Dragons are much harder to kill than a Badass Creeper however !


As a psycho who does not have a fire Interfacer and used a Heartbreaker/legendary reaper COM (Needed the 14 seconds of bloodbath to make up for the lack of an Interfacer) to solo the dragons at OP8, I can confirm they are indeed much harder to kill than a Badass Creeper.
EDIT: For Incinerator I swapped to a Flesh Crunch COM, Inflammable Bee, and a Casual Flakker, burning him is not a great idea.

Eh I mean neither one is my favorite, I’d probably say the interfacer or conference call. But out of the two the blockhead is my favorite. Fun on krieg

After some testing, I definitely vote in favor of the Omen. The Blockhead just doesn’t deal damage. The pellet thing is rarely an issue–enemies are usually right in my face or very large, which ensures that all of the pellets hit.

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The Pam Poovey of Borderlands.

It’s the system one since I can’t be arsed to change it. XD

I favor the Omen as well but to say that the Blockhead is weak by comparison is a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think? Blockhead is badass. Gentle prefix, Jakobs or Torgue grip if you want more damage.

Blockhead is perfect for Gaige. Fixed spread pattern, ricocheting bullets and 100% splash damage.

But the Omen is more rewarding

I figured that it would vary depending on who the character is.

Yeah, pretty much like this. I like to use the Omen with Zer0 because of B0re, Maya because of accelerate and Phaselock and Axton because it is an elemental shotgun with splash damage - win win!

I just like the Omen better. It does a LOT more damage, the spread is excellent for taking on just about any target. Even with bandits, at least a couple will crit, which leads to one-shots.