Omg cannot STAND rath

I mean the main issue is simply that for SOME stupid reason gearbox decided to make this game all about constantly pinballing players with knock back, but rath is so infuriating to go up against for two reasons.

  1. his launcher is instant death. (Yet people complain about alanis?!). Usually due to ultimate followup but either way he just gets under you so you can’t get down and he does such insane damage you’re dead by the time you land anyway.

2). All his attacks are SPINS. meaning the jackhole doesn’t even have to actually aim his attacks like everyone else!

For comparison, I’ve been phoebe. The best basic melee damage and attack speed in the game.

Can’t do a freaking thing against rath. Launch and instant death or he’s constantly circling but unlike Phoebe, Rath doesn’t need to see what he’s attacking so he’s at a huge advantage. Can’t escape either because shes dead in exactly 1.5 seconds and it takes about 2.5 to turn and fire phase gate. Which wouldn’t matter because I’m constantly hit with slows anyway.

Like she can get a helix so her true strike does a spin that hits all around. Rath just does that by default!

This is mostly just me venting but holy crap don’t think I’ll ever bother being phoebe in PvP again.

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As phoebe I always go silence and explosive blade rush throw them at his feet Tele in then melee away he will melt every time.

It’s ok, rath annoys many of us but here are just some tips.

Try to make him miss his pop up. Hard to do if he is close by but true strike to dodge ur mid distance and you would have the advantage. You can just run away and wait for him to try that combo on another person which then you can sneak behind and have the advantage. Tip 2, many people don’t use helix 1 preparation which can just silence him. Yes, I know many people say it’s too hard to land but it’s extremely useful.


Like I stated right on 1 left on 4 aim for the feet even at a distance it’s a joke then with the slow on 2 just go to work.

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You have to do her full melee combo after landing blade rush to silence anyone.

A good rath will kill you before you can finish the melee combo.

Actually he has 2 normals and 1 spin originally.

With an upgrade he gets the second spin just like Galilea. However, he doesn’t have to move to get the spin like Galilea.

They don’t say he spins to win for nothing.

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No he won’t phoebe blink slow is unparalleled literally hit that combo blink behind if you are hallways decent then jab to freedom. If you are in raths face you deserve the beating that is coming to you.

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Rath needs someone to initiate in a large fight. Otherwise any stun or knockback cancels Dreadwind. Yes of you’re caught 1 on 1 and squishy with no stuns then yeah there’s nothing you can do usually but that’s why it’s a team game.

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Phoebe can’t finish a melee combo? You know Phoebe is/one of the fastest attackers in game right? You can also start the combo before hitting him if he isn’t looking, just make sure the last one hits. Also like what’s been stated above, Phoebe has one of the most impressive slows in game. Remember, Phoebe is an assassin, not a tank so you should really follow behind someone too for the easy kill.

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The other great thing is if you keep rath contained don’t let him hit 5 before you he won’t catch up till everyone plateaus.

Phoebe needs to land a Blade Rush AND finish the combo. Doing this on a fast moving character like Rath is already difficult. Rath however just need to aim and push a button to knock you up AND silence you. That’s the main difference. A good Rath vs a good Phoebe will almost always end up in Rath winning because of his combo. Unless you spot him already using his Dreadwind on someone else. That’s when you should move in as a Phoebe.

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Quick melee!!!


So much win above me, use that quick melee! Or as someone mentioned, Truestrike to dodge his skills. Its not too hard, he broadcasts his knock up by putting his arms over his head and grabbing the third sword on his back; Truestrike to the left or right when you see that and he will miss his knockup. Pheobe combo, baddabing baddaboom, dead Rath.


I nominally play ranged, and rath is just below marquis atop my target list. Best thing ive seen, is to strike with a slow from ranged, and bail out a buddy. He loses a lot of his power when people remember not to let HIM farm kills and minions.

The issue with Rath is that he’s an assassin, but he’s too good at his job. It’s too easy to knock 3 players up and kill them all with dreadwind in 2 seconds. (No joke.)

Rather than being a knockup, it should just be a short stun, that way he can’t get underneath you as you come down. In addition to that, I’d prefer if there was a longer wind up time on Rath’s ult. It’s too fast to do anything other than run away. Either that, or make it so Dreadwind deals little damage to begin with, but the longer you’re in it’s aoe, the more damage you take. So if you don’t attempt to leave the aoe, you’ll start taking full damage about 1/3 of the Ult’s time through.


As ISIC, Rath is a joke. I use the slow helix for overcharged shots at level 5, and Melee characters fall almost every time.

As Oscar Mike, when I’m getting dreadwind chased by Rath, I put my airstrike and/or flame grenades beneath my feet and BADABOOM. If he tries to kill me I take him down with me. :smiling_imp: It’s friggin’ spectacular. If I have no Ultimate, I just quick melee him a few times and then run for my life.

As Kleese, I unleash my shock mortars and then the taser, which works most of the time. To clarify, I pick overcharged mortars, since I lose my shields pretty fast with my kamikaze fighting style. This way I trade it for damage to the enemy. Let’s face it, Kleese is at a disadvantage here. :grin:

As Marquis? Bubble + owls + bullets. Pro tip; Jump when you are using abilities. Your sprint won’t be canceled if you use them before you land.

Rath is scary, but also squishy. Focus your attacks on him and he will fall. If you need to escape, quick melee. Hit them twice (or more) with it to get away. If these don’t work… :head_bandage:

Rath is fine where he’s at. I mean I oust at least 60% of the Raths I’m with or against.

Here’s a tip, focus on Rath at the beginning of the match. From what I’ve seen, most Raths will quit if they start getting a bad kill/death count.

I mean I was Galilea at the start of a meltdown match, and an enemy rath got in my way on one of the shard path areas in paradise. I killed him in the fight that ensued, and then went back to base to get my health back. I went down the path again, and so did Rath. We fought again, and he died. After that he quit. :hushed: This was all within the first two minutes of the match.

A lesson to all, don’t charge face first at the scary lady with a giant shield and sword. :sunglasses:


You are telling me you think shooting near someone’s feet is tough? I’m sorry but I can hit that blade rush with absolutely 0 issue from ranged I literally blink behind said rath with phoebe’so blink slow rath won’t even turn around before you finish your combo he is then silenced, slowed for refreshing 6 seconds, you still haven’t ulted, and you can juke with true strike.

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I’m a Rath player, I’ll come out and say it shamelessly.

I would have to say Rath is imbalanced in the non-competitive format. That’s why I play him as much as I do.

The only thing you could possibly say is balanced about him is that he’s pretty useless up until he has his ultimate. So if your team can keep him off minions and from farming XP you can abuse him and win the game early.

Coordinated teams will also stop Rath’s ultimate or CC Rath and focus him down before he can ult. So in competitive play
he’s probably fine if not a bit of a liability.

But Rath stomps pugs. Because very few champions can beat a wrath in a 1v1 situation. And when Rath beats you, it’s not a duel… he just jumps on your face and 100%s you in a couple seconds and generally walks away from the fight with 100% hp due to his life steal passive.

Pugs don’t have the coordination to keep Rath from farming XP and they don’t position/focus fire/ CC cover/use team work. And Rath will stomp any team that doesn’t have team work.

Also, Rath’s ultimate has a pretty low CD for how destructive it really is. If Rath kills you, by the time you respawn and walk back to the center of the map he’s going to have his ult again… so if you are the squishy high priority target with no viable escape (looking at you Oscar Mike and Thorn) then yes it’s going to be very unfun for you if you don’t position perfectly and don’t get support for your team.

I do feel like Rath should probably get some kind of change because he probably is unhealthy for new players.

That said, you could start choosing your character with Rath in mind if you hate wrath. Characters that can fly and tanky characters with CC abilities can deal with Rath a lot better than others.

If you are playing something like Montana, you’ll see Raths run the opposite direction of you instead of jumping on your face.

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I’ll take playing a good Rath over a good El Dragon everyday of the week. El Dragon is the skilled/competitive version of Rath and more unstoppable after level 5. El Dragon has knock up, stun, AOE, Damage reduction, Melee speed, Melee Damage, and a dash to dip out at the last second.

Edit: El Dragon is by far the best assassin in the game IMO. After level 5, whoever you stun with your ult is going to die. 1 enemy for sure, 2 enemies most likely, and you could even kill three. Only enemy I’ve ever had trouble killing while En Fuego is a Montana while he has his damage reduction from his ult.


I’m assuming the raths you fight never bother to launch you first.