OMG I really need to stop writing to support

The responses being sent to tell them of a bug complete with video only to be asked for info about the issue and a screen shot or video is really just ticking me off, tells me support isn’t REALLY reading anything they’re just spewing back templates that is not how support is supposed to work after the initial mail template. OMG!!!

So please train your people better this is so bad and if you need guidance by all means ask me i’ll tell you for free. Or give me an email and i can rat out your bad support personnel. Secret shop style.

Yeah and do they response to your replies? Because it aready 9 hours since i fill the form in their first response and then just silence.

I have responses yeah though most do seem like, just let me toss a template at this guy which infuriates me when they do not at least attempt to modify it to what I have already said, and one was six days ago apparently my shift id was wrong.

LOL i advised them to update their template because i gave him exactly what he asked for but based on another case i wrote for bl2 i am pretty sure they actually want our SHIFT support id, not our shift id

Your SHiFT Support ID (You can locate this by pressing “Triangle/ F1/ Y” when on the SHiFT Code Input Menu in BL2 or TPS this is not your SHiFT ID):

So giving them your Shift ID: form the shift website is the wrong number they are looking for.

And you can check your first response template you’ll see it says

  • SHiFT ID: <— WRONG!!!
  • SHiFT E-mail Address:
  • Detailed list of the items that you’re missing:
  • Video/Screenshot showing you accessing your bank:

The latest wants a description of the problem and or screen shots and video.
Um yeah i sent a video and a description when i opened the case to begin with. UGH!!!

Think I’m gonna see if i can find a company email to write to people above support cause this is just wrong. I mean I know i can be much harder on support than maybe i should be but i am also way more lenient when they are actually doing their job. 20 years as a technical support rep for three very large companies, one in education one in world wide banking and one in software support really makes it easy to see where support is failing and then i become not so nice a support professionals worst nightmare.

Ain’t nothing quite like having someone who knows what your job is tell you how your doing it wrong in multiple ways. To me it’s worse than my boss telling me how bad i’m doing. ;D

So they do check your SHiFT support number, yeah i hope they improve the first response beacuse they always ask question that already answered in the first post, some consumer read the rules you know.

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Yeah, I provided a detailed description and was asked to give a description and provide, among other things, my Steam ID…

For a Borderlands 3 issue. It’s funny but it’s also frustrating.


Yeah but i mean really the first response is 100% automated by a bot to collect the basic info.
So I expect that and have no problem with it.

But once it is then given to a human being then my opening statement should be read and responded to accordingly.

And not anywhere in my first case did i ever say i wanted my stuff back.
Yet my first human response is a template asking for what i lost etc etc etc.

When really as i did tell him later my case is closed i sent them a bug with steps to replicate it, they need no data from me not even my shift support id.

That’s the point of steps to replicate.

I give them to you, you log in and follow it and go yup there’s a bug write it up send up the chain tell the customer thank you have a nice day.

At least how I wrote it.

Now say they couldn’t replicate it then you start asking for my ids and you do so saying that they need this to view system logs and such not to give me things I am missing.

And heck if the guy isn’t allowed to replicate okay cool then toss me the template and modify it that you need my id for system log checking etc to pass up the chain.
Then close my case and tell me to have a nice day.

So yeah definitely not the best experience these times around with 2k support. :confused: