OMG just stop the crying

Alani is FAR from op. She moves like a snail, self heal is only 50%, and if you get hit with the insanely obvious slow to prime knock up you deserve to die. Her wave is a straight line so it’s easy to retarget her the push back isn’t all that far. She has no shield without items. Stop crying and pay attention to play styles her combo setups are stupid obvious.


The only thing I hate about her so far is that bubble knock up. Good lord that thing lasts forever heh.

The passage of time is a personal matter.

It is still but one second.

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Both playing with and against her all day - I had originally thought she was OP. But now I’m seeing things can go either way.

That said, I completely agree with this one point. Her CC is a bit much, and I think removing the bubble (while still knocking upwards), is completely enough to make the skill useful but not tip her into the overly unbalanced territory. Perhaps a helix augment could instead trigger the bubble at the expense of cooldown or perhaps a percentage of its healing.

It doesn’t heal.

You have to spec it to heal.

None of her cooldowns heal unless you spec them to.

She can self heal, no augment required.

I disagree on the bubble being too strong. Plus, it’s the first Bind move in the game. Being the first, it’ll seem strong. There will be more though. I would like bind to behave more like a root, less like a stun. Enable non movement related abilities and attacks in the bubble, and maybe we all can agree on its strength. Maybe. I kinda like it though. Plus, it’s a two second delay. Essentially, it’s a no damage shadowfire pillar.
But that’s just my opinion.

Then all youd be doing is giving the enemy a free sniper post.

Bad idea. A cc needs to take an enemy out of the action or its not a cc.

Shes in a good place as is

I agree that she’s good. But if she has to be changed, these are my opinions. And it’s not a sniper post to a Rath :stuck_out_tongue:
Slow is cc, but doesn’t take them out of action. That’s an inaccurate description. A root is still cc, just not the same as a knock back, stun, or silence.

i actually made a video and timed it. i am just waiting to find a way to download it on here. it is as one second as the dmg reduction is 100 pct. they are both wrong. it was close to 3 seconds.

Referring to the bubble delay, the amount of time held, or something else entirely? Also what does pct mean, per count or…?

It is kind of odd, how she can be an okay healer (compared to Miko) or a cc gal. I mean when she heals she heals well but it is slow going until farther helix choices. Jack of all trades, Master of none. I had a game where this one guy send me a message twice screaming at me to heal. 1. With the battle going on it was hard getting stacks up quickly with everyone else killing everything. 2. Who has time to type out a message no matter how quick?

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Gotta love the ragers. Also, phone app, they can do it really quickly with that

Healing with her in PvP is hard i found mostly because everyones running willy nilly and without any kind of HUD to see player health it can be difficult. Also since she needs time to charge a full heal its not as easy as miko-beam everything you can see.

Why is it when a character has a stun or CC people cry OP…

Because they haven’t figured out how to counter / they are casual non moba players. It happens :stuck_out_tongue: and I totally agree on the difficult to heal. I was in a party and they kept not telling me when to heal. I couldn’t tell, we were each 1v1 in the same lane, so I didn’t notice them dying. No mic matches must be horrible…
Sidenote, did you know she can heal shepherd minions? :slight_smile: shhh, it’s a secret!

I do that to the shepards with Miko sometimes, it’s hilarious.

I didn’t know he could! You’re my hero, I need to tell the girlfriend that. Keeping them alive long enough to pop a second os is a very viable strat in meltdown in a 2v2 :slight_smile:

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The bubble is 1 second. Period.

The bubble lasts 1 second…

Also this

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Thank You sir…made my morning.

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