OMG MY LOOT DROP IS INSANE. Or maybe my friends are trolling me :/

Ok so, I’ve gotten a BearCat from the Warrior, a Pyrophobia from Hyperious, and an Explosive Kiss of Death from Hyperious? Is this even possible. Please help.

Yes its all possible.

Farming hyperious for norfleets, I always get Pyrophobias dropping all the time along with tatlers shredifiers hornets evos butchers wtf an all other kinds random stuff he drops. Usually everything but the norfleet which he’s bit stingy with but on an average 100 kills the floors littered with everything

Bearcat is a world drop in this case, pretty good luck.
The Pyrophobia is a very rare drop from Hyperius, rarer than the Norfleet actually, so it’s good luck, sort of. The Kiss of Death is also assigned to him for some odd reason, probably to make the Norfleet less common because of how assigned loot work.

Yeah, it’s all definitely possible.

its not rarer than a norfleet

Yes it is at it is most likely not part of the legendary loot pool. Out of 700 normal mode Hyperius kills I only got 2 Pyrophobias compared to 14 Norfleets. Someone else also created some UHVM data and over 400 kills got only 1 Pyrophobia compared to 6 Norfleets. Even recently I got every single drop except Seraphs and the Pyrophobia multiple times, except for the Hornet which was only once.

Overall the Pyrophobia rate is very similar to the Seraphs Hyperius drops very rarely (so not the one he drops 100% of the time) which leads me to believe that it is was mistakenly added to that pool instead of the normal legendary pool.
For absolute proof of that hypothesis I would need footage of someone receiving the Pyrophobia and one of the more common legendaries at the same time (preferably a Norfleet or the Kiss of Death so that it isn’t a world drop although the Pyrophobia could be theoretically) but even without that I am absolutely convinced it’s not in the normal legendary pool. If it were as “common”, for a lack of better word, as the Norfleet, and the other stuff he drops for that matter, their rates should be similar over time but they really aren’t.

Then you have rocksox there get only pyros and no norfleets, and then you have me who has only seen 1 pyro drop and no norfleets.

Well, how many times did you or they kill Hyperius? Over all these years I’ve killed him over a thousand times and got far more Norfleets (and everything else) than the Pyrophobia. Sometimes there’s some confirmation/selection bias involved but considering I have no data of either of you I can’t say that is at work here of course (and I know you know your stuff anyway).
RNG just may casually drop a Pyrophobia before a Norfleet, no matter the odds but we all know how that works.

If you are able to do so, please do prove me wrong. It is quite important for me. I am still going for the 1000 normal mode kills, perhaps more. If my hypothesis holds true, there should be a certain difference in the Pyrophobia’s rate between Normal/TVHM and UVHM as the other Seraph pool is a bit smaller in UVHM as the Tattler and Retcher don’t inhabit it anymore. Although the Devastator got added instead so results probably wouldn’t be as conclusive until far more kills than that given how rare they already are.

Well if we averaged his previous drops rates with this buff he got we would come up with
Previous 1:1400 now 466.66666666666667
Previous if dedicated 1:30 now 1:10
If world 1:1000 now 1:250

Still more common.
But RNG is RNG after all.

At your rate in normal you’re getting it at 1:50 ratio

I’ve had crazy RNG runs as well if you play enough times the extreme rares happen.

Where does the 1:466~ come from? Hyperius’ legendary loot pool should have no more than 6 items, Kiss of Death, Shredifier, WTF, Hornet, Sledge’s Shotgun and of course Norfleet (7 if we in include Pyrophobia just for this) which brings us to 1:60 (or 1:70) which is close to my numbers as no more than one item of that pool can be dropped.
I’ve tracked all the drops and combined (Pyrophobia not included for now) it brings us to 73 drops over 700 kills or 10.43% which is very close to the expected rate of any legendary drop.
For precise numbers I got 10 KoD, 14 Norfleets, 17 Hornets, 13 Sledge’s, 11 WTFs and 8 Shredifiers. Random distribution is of course wild here but the total sum of drops evens things out.

The previous average for norfleet drops was 1:1400 and with the 3x look buff it turns into 1:466~.
The Norfleet didn’t used to share the previous 1:30 everything else had since it technically wasn’t a legendary drop, just a unique one like the kiss of death.

I still don’t understand where this comes from since the legendary pool breaks that rule. So long as any item is in that pool, they will have the same weighing, it just has a 1:10 chance of being accessed. This includes Heads/Skins and COMs which are all counted as one drop with variants for each class otherwise enemies like Flynt or Vermivorous would drop all those far more often than the Norfleet or Nasty Surprise which I simply haven’t seen, not just from my own experience but from everybody else, especially during the infamous Bug Hunt even from 3 years ago when Norfleets rained like crazy.
Terramorphous also has only two Legendaries, one of them unique, and yet they are dropped just as “often” as the other unique stuff, even more so because Terra has two 1:10 chances unlike everybody else (excluding later DLC bosses). A lot of this information comes from GBX themselves, just worded vaguely, (I can’t find the Inside the Box article in question anymore since their website has been retooled…) which I could usually confirm directly. Enemies that broke this are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Rats, the Assassins and several DLC bosses after Scarlett.

To be fair, my tests come post drop rate buff but this is exactly why I’d like to encourage people to track their results and share them with us.
I am basically asking you, and pretty much everybody who reads this, to mass murder Hyperius on Normal and maybe UVHM to see what exactly and how often he drops for you.

…Maybe I just got a secret drop rate buff and I don’t even know about it since everything seems to be different for me…

From Carnuts old ratio thread and the spread sheets we collected based of around 400,000 words.

Well, I really think it’s time for a new one then. I am not important or smart enough for anybody to listen to me though.

But to be honest I wish GBX themselves would just come clean and tell us all the details. Which will never happen of course. Or, let’s play devil’s advocate here, taking a look at the code. It’s for science!

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If there is some secret thing that happened they never announced then we would need around 400k+ runs done and that most likely won’t happen.

If there wasn’t we can just modify Carnut’s original thread which was proved to be correct.

Heh, it kinda is a fool’s project with such numbers to compare.
This is the problem for games with such heavy reliance on RNG, devs don’t tell us anything, and if they do it’s vague, and we have to figure things out for ourselves.

I think we have abused this thread long enough though and I don’t think this conversation will go anywhere either. All things considered I am just a tiny voice and when I see some people’s misfortune I just wonder how that is even possible. The Hive or in this case the Norfleet being prime examples.

Once I got four drops from Saturn in a row, post drop rate buff. First a Hive and three Invaders, all corrosive and all on OP8. The Hive is locked to corrosive of course but the Invader comes in all Maliwan elements and Saturn is not a raid or pseudo-raid so it does drop on underleveled stuff as well. That’s 3 That’s four 1:10, three 1:4 and four 1:3 chances in a row. RNG is RNG but apparently a lot of bizarre things happen to me.

The hyp not fleet drop was always on a different scale than other boss drops kinda like the cobra.

I think it’s time for me to break the game again.

That’s rng gone nuts I usually get the Pyrophobia over the norfleet strange place sometimes Pandora