OMG! Slaughter Shaft!

I (painfully) completed Cistern of Slaughter… it was hard and there was only 2 legendaries into it (i did many run, only finding 7 legendary overall)
I never completed Slaughtertar 3000, I hardly found any legendary (maybe 1? it was last week…)

Now, only 1 wave into slaughter shaft, already 3 legs! :open_mouth: :smiley:

slaughter 3000 was fun but drops were non exsistant for me compared to slaughter shaft. I haven’t completed the other 2 at all but Slaughter 3000 had 2 decent boss’s in it at the end. Totally going to go do it again if anything just for the challenge.

Found this cool baby as one of my first 3 drops! :smiley:

Careful, slaughter 3000 can glitch and the bosses will be out permanently.