Omnd-Omnd-Ohk spawn

Can we PLEASE get an event where its easier to spawn this guy? Geez its been a week of farming on and off. I havent even seen him.

If you are a PC Player I can give you one…gott a bunch from the loot hunt at 72 and OP8

I had gotten …ONE…before the Loot Hunt…maybe 30 hours of farming and got him to spawn 4 times…

He dropped it on the 4th spawn and I SWORE I’d never do that again…LOL

Hey I feel your pain but the twister is so good it deserves its rarity

Am a pc player. Nackth is steam name. Hit me up. Im not lvl 72 yet tho lmfao

mine is johnrr6

Am Eastern Time Zone, US

Send me a Friend Request and I will set a couple aside for you. One at 72 and One at OP8. These are basic Shock Twisters…no Prefix…but they are tremendous guns even with base stats.