OMO Handicapped Accessible Check-in

Welcome to the Old Men Online assisted playing facility. VR gaming hoverchairs, buxom attendants, and all the Ensure w/Red Bull you can drink. I call it the Mad Cow.

It may take a while to see more of us here in the forums, as they creak their way through the new forum signup process. Can’t just dot-dash the info out over the telegraph lines likes we are used to. Trying using backspace with smoke signals sometime…

But we will be in the lobby soon.

See you all there, and may your probe bombs never fall short.

Didn’t you do this before? I forget.

What was the question again?

Yeah, in the other now-closed forums. Some of us didn’t make it there before shutdown.

Wanted to make sure we had a touchstone for all the OMO who choose to sign up here.

How about some inspiration:

I read this on my wife’s facebook page

People born in the 50’s have lived in 7 decades, 2 centuries and 2 millennia.

We had the best music, fastest cars, drive-in theaters, soda fountains and happy days.

… And we’re not even that old yet. We’re just that cool.

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Look what cat dragged in LOL

I’m still alive & kicking, no assistance needed :smile:

Dang! Get into space dude!

OWO Foggy!

Salute OMO’s omg this is awesome, foggy how have you been my friend, wow…!!

Sorry, my OMO brethren at all… been busy with … umm “stuff”… hehehe
Doing a lot of “crazy” stuff (like dusting off and refurbishing my collection of motherboards, CPUs , and graphic cards - have like tons of them, running benchmarks, etc. Should have all that posted on YT in couple of months) playing some Borderlands 3 (kinda let-down, IMO… they had 6 yrs to do it right and… they didn’t), have meetings & fun with my mates from the ex unit I’ve had a privilege and honor to serve with. Oh, and yes… been enjoying the early retirement for just a bit over 4 yrs now. Got tired of getting paid quite handsomely but seeing people die every now and then. Thought an early retirement (with severely reduced annual pension) is much better option than severely reduced lifespan… as in 6ft-under-reduced lifespan.
So what’s going on with you guys?
As much as I don’t frequent those places any more, feel free to get in touch on Skype (sir.foggy) - easy to recognize, guess I’m the only one with Snoopy for avatar), or on Viber (Petar Silvio, Bosnia and Herzegovina, doubt there’s another idiot with the same name somewhere else but…)…
Anyways, hope you all are doing well and that we will have a chat, or even a good old 1vsX fight … heehehe